Monday, March 26, 2012

Marilyn's Baptism

Hey Friends and Family,
We had a Baptism!!! Marilyn is now a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! It was a great day. Elder Heiner was permitted to come for the Baptism, but also was asked to perform the Baptism. It meant a lot to him as he has not seen many enter in the the Waters of Baptism. It was so cool to see him again too. President and Sister Pitt were also in attendance.Its great to know that I've made life long friends here. Even more so as many of them live in the West. Something tells me that I'll be down in the Western States often over the course of my life for one reason or another.
The Baptism itself went off fairly well, with the execption of the Font. Our ward Mission leader was concerned the Water would be cold, so he took the time to fill the font for 5 minutes a time, waiting then for 30 minutes for the hot Water tank to fill again, resulting in a sauna like atmosphere. I Kinda thought that it was a little hot (more like scolding). They had expected the water to cool some by the time of the Baptism. The expression on Marilyn's face as she stuck her foot into the water told me otherwise. So we had to run some cold water to try and cool it off. Which caused some over flow to occur and some general unreverence by those who were watching. But even with all that, we went through with the Baptism and all was well. Oh, Except for me playing the Piano. I played for the whole program, which included a musical number in the middle. I played the intro and then stopped, as I realized that those singing were giving me a confused look. Then I realised I was not playing the right song. Opps. But Again, it was Rectified and all went well.
The following day I had the priviledge of performing the ordinance of confirmation. I've loved being able to use the Priesthood to bless others. Oh man. 30 seconds! Well Sorry to cut this Short. love you all.
Miss Ya!! I'll make it better next week!
Elder Sunada

Monday, March 19, 2012

Upcoming Baptism!

Hey Everyone!
So We're excited for this upcoming Saturday!! The Baptism is just about all ready to go pending one final interview. And we're so excited for Marilyn! She's excited too, except for the actual part of getting her head below water. That Kinda freaks her out. But With a few prayers I'm confident that we'll get through it and it will be a more than positive experience. The ward has been really great with helping her out too and showing great support. It makes such a difference when ward members treat everyone who comes in the doors with welcome and love. Of course this is the way it should always be, though sometimes people are prone to judge. Its easy to do and we've all been guilty of it. But I've really tried to focus on how Heavenly Father see's them. He knows they need to be there and is trying to support them. Especially for those who look out of place its so important to make them feel welcome.
Yesterday we also had a missionary Fireside where we showed the film (with proper permission) 17 Miracles by T.C. Christianson about the Willie and Martin Handcart companies. It was a decent turn out. Marilyn and one other investigator were there. But it was also interesting to see who else was there to support the event. One thing I've noticed is there's certain people in every ward who are always there. The Church to them isn't something they go to or what they do. Its who they are. Its everything to them and they give everything to help it. They really know what the Gospel means and the debt that they owe to their God. I hope that I'll always be one who realizes the importance of this Gospel.
We also had a great Zone meeting last Thursday. President Pitt is such a great teacher and knows how to drive a point deep. We also did some role plays practicing different parts of teaching. The points we taught didn't stand out to me as much as the spirit I felt. I've made an effort to have the spirit be a bigger part of my lessons with my investigators. There's no greater feeling than the Love of God.
Gotta Run! Love Y'all!
Elder Sunada

Monday, March 12, 2012

Snow, please?

Hey Folks!
This week was a little less exciting than most. But that's ok too because sometimes its nice to have a little break from too much Drama. We did do a lot of biking this week. I think I wore Elder Penn out a little bit even haha. But He's alright because this week we have the car. And its supposed to be up to 75F (24C) later this week! What madness. It better Dump snow next year when i get home to make up for this Nonsense! But I know I shouldn't complain. Its actually great weather for missionary work. People will talk to you on doorsteps longer if its not so cold. We have gotten some good rain storms pass through. The other week I got soaked to the bone!
This upcoming Sunday we have a missionary fireside planned where we are going to watch the movie "17 Miracles" Its pretty good, for those of you who haven't seen it. It covers some of the sorest trials of the early pioneer hand cart companies as the left persecution for safety in the West. Knowing that I had ancestors who participated in those early days makes it even cooler for me. We're just hoping for a decent turn out as the Movie is about an hour and 40 mins long!
If everything goes to plan we'll also have our first baptism since I've been in Parkersburg the following Saturday! I feel 95% sure that our investigator will make it so I'm getting pretty stoked. Its been dry in this area for a while. South side also had 2 people just drop into their hands who want to be baptised in the coming month. Its way awesome when people actually go out of their way to find us to baptise them! If only it could always be that easy. But then again as it goes with that famous quote, "That which we obtain to easily, we esteem too lightly".
Whatever the Lord has in store for us here in the coming months I'm ok with. I know in whom I can Trust :)
Elder Sunada

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back on track‏

Tomorrow is transfers. But we've had enough transfers in Parkersburg lately, and President Agrees. So Parkersburg is staying the same! An Additional sister will be added to Marietta however, which is in our district. All that matters is we're not losing anyone :). So Parkersburg is still home, at least for another 3 weeks.

Elder Penn and I have been getting along just fine so far. I've made an effort to better serve him and my other companions. I've discovered the best way to learn to love someone is to serve them. Its amazing to me how much helping others also helps ourselves. I cannot seem to give more than I get, try as I might. The reward doesn't come from those that we serve in the form of gifts or services, but I feel the changes within me and I know that they are of great worth. Its really made me realize how true the Book of Mormon Prophet King Benjamin statement really is:

Mosiah 2:17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn awisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the bservice of your cfellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

I hope that I will always be able to serve others in some capacity all through my life because of the joy it brings.

I guess I should give a small update on the work. We've been working with a Woman Named Marilynn for a while now. She is super awesome! She was at church again this past Sunday and even signed us up for Dinner last night! We've set a date for her on March 24th to Be baptised. She has been so willing to do everything for the hope that she can receive the promise of peace the Gospel brings. So we are stoked for her!
There are several other families who are getting close to accepting Baptism. I'm still working on how to help people realize the importance of Baptism. Its hard because there are so many different ideas about it that many people are confused. I've found its still the same Formula that helps people come to that knowledge though. Coming to Church, Reading the Scriptures, and prayer. Strange how its the same answers I've been told since I was in Primary! But the Truth is its really that simple. Anyone who wants answers has to diligently do these things, and they'll find what they are seeking. Now getting people to do just those things is a matter in itself, but that's what I'm working at.
Anyways, hope all is well back home. Loved the Letters from the Young Mens/ Young Womens! I miss them like Crazy.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Elder Sunada