Monday, January 31, 2011

A Season for Rest

Hey Everybody!

Man am I glad its Monday. Towards the end of last week I was starting to get pretty tired. Its nice to have a day a week to rest a little and kick back. You'd think that'd be Sunday being the Sabbath and set aside as a day of rest. However as a missionary its not always like that. Rather it seems to be one of our most busy days of the week as we attend multiple church meetings and try and visit people while they are home. Perhaps I should start out at the beginning of the week. Last Monday for P-day was spent mostly in the Chapel teaching Elder Mckee how to play piano. Considering he'd never played a note in his life he did quite well. Taught him Mary had a little lamb and twinkle little star. Also how to read music in the Treble cleft! He's going to need a lot more practice but he's got the basics down in just one lesson. He's a pretty sweet Elder from the town of Vernal Utah and is one of the Salem Elders. Tuesday we stopped by Bro Shorters house to help him out with some stuff and to give him a blessing. Bro. Shorter is the man. He's always got something cool to show us. This time it was his homing pigeons and the new hood he's putting on his Mustang (He really loves this car).We get along pretty well because he served part of his mission in Canada on the West Coast. He also hooked me up with his station patch as well as a special 9/11 ceremonial patch.
Wednesday was a district meeting, followed by splits with the Salem Elders. Once again I was chosen to go to Salem to work with Elder Call for a day. This time I stayed overnight. And Salem being a bike/walking area we covered some good ground by foot in the rain. I think it was supposed to be snow but it didn't get cold enough so we just got soaked. Don't worry mom my winter coat kept it from seeping through so I stayed mostly dry. With the exception that my hair looked like I'd just stepped out of the shower. But we still had a successful day and got home safely.

Thursday morning I went back to the Cave Spring area With Elder Pendleton. We had a pretty lax day as we had to do our weekly planning session. However that night I had probably the best lesson to date! We met with Crawford again and we're teaching him about the Holy Ghost and how he'd come to know if the Church was true. Things he'd all heard before. But this time we asked the right questions and it got him thinking. He shared with us how he once used to be young and reckless then how he found he needed to change his life and turned his heart to God. He Even explained about the missionaries who'd first come and knocked on his door and how he feels now that God must have sent those particular Elders otherwise he would never had talked with us. He said many things along these lines and the spirit was strong. Elder Pendleton finally told him what we'd both been thinking. He was ready to choose to be baptized. I could tell he was thinking hard about it and he said that he probably was but needed to do some deep soul searching and praying. We are so excited for him. He Treats us like Brothers and we both care about him an awful lot. We also had a member present who contributed in just the right way and was a great support to us. After leaving he took us to Dunkin doughnuts to celebrate. It was the first time Elder Pendleton had been there. I thought it was funny because they had doughnut holes that just like Timbits, but not near as good. Tim Hortons Rocks! But anyways it was a great night!

The weekend was crazy busy for me. I forgot to mention that last Sunday I found out that Elder Pendleton and I had to give a talk in church this past week. And that it should last about 15-20mins long. Also that Evening we were to give a 45 min Fireside on the Restoration, and had been advertising it for the past three weeks. So we had a pretty busy day cut out for us. Last Monday I was pondering on what I should speak on in Church. It came to my mind that I should finish reading the Book of Mormon by the end of the week and talk on that. At the time I was roughly 150 pages in (You may have recalled I started near the beginning of Jan.) But I was determined to get it done. So every morning and night in my study time I'd just read like crazy and highlighted refferences to Christ as I went. Well I finished the last page(531) at 10:15 Saturday night, and started writing my talk shortly there after. I slept a little then finished the last word of my talk just as church began at 9am the next morning. Classic me right? Somethings will never change. But on the side of that I also prayed heavily that Heavenly Father would help me out because I knew I wasn't as prepared as I could have been. No time to practice you see. But to my great relief He came through and I survived yet another speaking experience. In fact, Bro. Weaks, a non Member who is investigating the church without the assistance of the missionaries, came up to me and said he was going to take my challenge to read the Book of Mormon and find out if it was true in earnest. Which just goes to show that even if your speaking is poor and stuttered on the stand, if the Spirits there then the message will get through.
I also found out I had to direct Gospel Principles class that day so I prepared a lesson while in the next Sacrament meeting. Triple Wammie for speaking in one day!! I guess I should really thank Bishop Hoffmiester for calling me to be the Elders Quorum instructor prior to the mission. It came in handy haha.

And finally we were successful in our fireside that evening. Despite our lack of practice due to the busy schedule of the last few days. Everytime that we'd set up to practice something would always come up and would take priority. But I felt like it went very smoothly. We were hoping to have members bring their non member friends so they could learn about our church in a low risk environment, however I was happy that we got 2 less actives there at least. The Members in the area again were awesome. Bro and Sis Wohlford worked so hard to see that we had treats for after the fireside as well as keeping everything in order and cleaning up after while we were busy talking to members. They are Golden. Pres McBride was also a huge help in giving us pointers for our presentation. We had a good talk with him afterwards because he had to tell us about "Jimmer" the BYU basketball player who's taking college basketball by storm. He seriously gave us a 20 min discourse about how great a player he was and how great it was that even through his incredible skill he was set a good example to the world of who Mormons really are. It was too funny. He said as long as we get an investigator to come with us that we could go over and watch BYU play at his house.

So it was a busy day and week. I was exhausted at the end of it but felt fulfilled. I think perhaps I'll take a nap today. I'm Jealous that there's so much snow back home. They say it may snow this week but I'm trying to not get my hopes up. Thanks to everyone who sent letters this past week! Now that I'm done my Book of Mormon Marathon I've started writing a few to send back. Love you all!

Elder Sunada

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Asian Shrine

parkade downtown

Pday pic


Monday, January 24, 2011

They Call this Winter??

Hey Everyone!

Life got a world better this week upon my discovery of J&L Oriental food mart. I HAVE FOUND GOOD RICE. And also some Furikake (rice seasoning) as well as some japanese Jelly cups. It was awesome! I finally got to use my rice cooker and almost cried at the beauty of that first bite of rice. Ok well maybe I'm a little to excited about rice but needless to say it was a huge moral boost.

We've been keeping busy this week again with more Elders crashing at our place overnight so they can attend training meetings and the like. So our schedule's been put a little off but I think its fair to say that making exceptions to the schedule IS part of the schedule, seeing as it happens so often. Monday for P-day was spent almost entirely at the Stake Center where most of the Elders Played some ball and I played on the piano in the chapel, Because it was one of the few times when I'd have time to play a in tune piano. So I was cool with that. This week I'm hoping that we can get into some more diverse activities. I'd like to go for a drive up along the Blue Ridge parkway which has some good views of the valley, or to the Museum of Transportation downtown is said to have some cool things to see. Elder Pendleton wants to try and get out to see more too before he leaves so hopefullly next week I'll have a good adventure to tell yall. <---Dang strait I'm using the Lingo.

We've had some really cool meetings with investigators this week. The first one was with Danny, a man who is married to a member and we helped their family move in a few weeks ago. He's super friendly and open to talking with us just to learn more about the Gospel and what we believe in general. He's got some sweet storys as he served two tours in Iraq and has been hit by IED's twice. But he's just chill to have us come over and teach him whenever! Missionaries love people who are open to listen. He also cooks a mean pulled pork.

One morning we got a call from a member asking us if we'd go with him to check on some families he'd been assigned to visit. They were all people who's records were in the church but hadn't been heard from in a very long time. We almost didn't go because it was going to interfere with another plan we'd made to do that morning. But we decided that it could be good to meet some less active members. We drove to at least 6-7 houses and didn't get an answer until the last house, in which there lived a sister who answered the door. As we talked to her we found out that she'd been dealing with a lot of medical issues and couldn't make it to church for a few years. Also that her husband was very hard set against the church and would not let her talk to the missionaries when they came. But what she told us next brought tears to my eyes. She'd been wanting to come back to church. She missed it and the blessings it brought into her life. She had prayed that morning that Heavenly Father would help her get through these times because she didn't think she could do it anymore. She told us that we were an answer to her prayer. We were able to give her a priesthood blessing for her health and she asked if she could hug us before we left. Its been a long time since I've given and received such a sincere hug. It just reminds me of how much Heavenly Father loves his children and knows how to answer prayers.

Its a good thing that I have experiences like that too because another lesson that I taught this past week was not so well received. We met again with a family and tried to share with them the message of the Book of Mormon. They had very strong biblical beliefs and were good, honest and happy people. I had such hope going in because we had left a copy and the wife seemed very keen to read it! Things started off pretty well, but I could tell something wasn't quite right. The wife had in fact read much of the Book of Mormon and recalled to us many passages. But The Husband and chosen not to read it and instead to remain firm in his original belief that no other book could be compared to the Bible. I discerned that while she had read she began to ask questions. And he would not open his heart to the message so he shut them all down and dropped what he'd known to crush all questioning. They even looked up some Anti, whether his intention was to destroy or to find out more information they took the words of others instead of finding out for themselves about the things that were written. To gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon you have to read and study it for yourself. It just doesn't work any other way. It doesn't matter if we are preaching for it, or others against it, the Truth comes from reading, pondering and praying. Anyways, they gave back the copy against all our pleading. We left on good terms, but I left with a hole in my heart because such good people had declined to hear us out and find out for themselves. Its frustrating for a missionary. I can understand why people don't want to listen to us, why they might be opposed to us, why they might think we are fools. But so few actually listen to what we're asking. So few try to hear us and our message without judging us.

Thank Heavens for Crawford this week. Later that night of the same day we visited Crawford in the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. He'd been admitted for having fluid in his lungs or something like that. Crawford has been investigating since before I got here and he was in fact the first lesson that I taught in the field. We told him a little about what we'd gone through that day and he comforted us. He is one of the few who has persisted in knowing the truth. He has struggled to lay aside his preconceptions about us and understand what we're teaching him. I've seen him grow so much just in the time I've been here. He is still working on finding out if this is the path that God wants him to take. Being sick has humbled him quite a bit. But even though he does not yet believe, he understands our message. He knows that what most of the world thinks about us is untrue. He has opened his mind to the possibility that it could happen, and that has made all the difference. Elder Pendleton and I are nearly convinced that Crawford knows what we say is true, he just hasn't found out that he knows yet. We visited him last night and told him about the Word of Wisdom. He accepted every word. In fact he got to many points we were teaching before we did! He smokes, and knows he needs to stop. I'm so hopeful that Crawford will be able to and progress because he has opened his mind and his heart to our Message. He's beginning to change for the better. It has been a great week in the Kingdom.

I hope everyone back home has been staying safe and warm in these cold conditions. I love you all and Can't wait to hear from people about life on the home front! Which reminds me, HEY FATTY (oliver), I finally got your letter from before Christmas. Either the mail is way late or you slacked hardcore. I'll write you back soon. And I'm working on a list of letters to write to everyone else who's sent me mail. {if you want your name to get to the top of that list a second letter would promote a more rapid response ;)}

I love you all and wish you the best from the South!

Elder Sunada

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Southern Hospitality‏

So I'm starting to worry a little. My fears are slowly coming true. And what they say about the south is true. THEY LOVE THEIR FRIED CHICKEN. From the time that I left the MTC up until now I've gained nearly 5 pounds. Maybe that doesn't seem like much to some people but put it in perspective. I've gained the same amount in the last 2 months that I have in the last 2 years. Now to be fair it should be expected I should gain a little seeing as I've gone from long hours of manual labor to a labour of love. And contained within that labour of love I am often fed by members who share their love by making sure that we never walk out of their house hungry. Or less than bloated in most occasions. What doesn't help is the fact that most of them are pretty good cooks and the reason why the food tastes so good is because its drenched in butter and sugars and all manor of wonderus things devoid of nutritious value. I thought I'd be safe dipping into a bowl of green beans the other night, when at the bottom of the bowl I discovered several strips of bacon. I guess theres just no getting away from it. At least its not showing yet.

We almost moved this past weekend too! The Zone leaders had scoped out a super nice apartment that we could all live in. It had a work out gym, a racketball court, tennis courts, an outdoor pool that we could never use, and it was in a super nice area. And Best of all it would be cheaper for us all to live together anyways! That is if the lease on the Zone leaders current apartment wasn't up till May... So after touring around the complex we found out that it was a no go. It was a little upsetting as livng with the zone leaders would probably have been a great thing and having a gym and courts would have made working out much easier and more appealing. Perhaps I'll stay in the area long enough for the lease to end!

Other than that our week has been less eventful with the exception of transfer day on Wednesday. We had a couple of Elders stay the night with us as we waited for everyone to get shifted around. Its always great to spend time with other Elders. Hear their stories about crazy tracting experiences and also a couple of fresh jokes. Aside from the Salem Elders and the Zone leaders we don't often see anyone else most weeks. Wednesday night an Elder Brady was assigned to us while he waited for his companion to arrive in the area. He was totally awesome! He'd been working the Lynchberg area. At Lynchberg there is a school that is equivalent to BYU for baptists, therefor the city is like a Baptist Provo. They said they get a lot of theologians and students who are studying to become priests and preachers. Some of them want to hear what Mormons believe to help get a better understanding of us. But most are just interested in bashing and contending with them. Hopefully I don't get sent there anytime soon as my scriptural knowledge is not as thorough as is should be yet. But I am working hard at it!

Anyways, that night we Visited Jason and Kim again. After sharing a short message we invited them to be Baptized on Feb. 5th! And Jason was all over it! Kim who will be nealry 8 months pregnant by that time was a little reluctant for that reason, but Jason was the one who encouraged her that we'd find a way to make it work. We're Super Stoked For them! The only problem is we haven't gotten them to church yet. Sickness and health caused all 4 of the investigators we hoped to see at church this week to miss out. So we're a little upset by that, but all we can do is keep working and hope for better results next week.

I finally realized how warm it is here. The whole Fahrenheit system is outta wack! Even when I ask Americans about it they agree Celsius makes much more sense. Same goes for the Metric system. I was standing outside our place the other night when I looked up and noticed the clear night sky. I stood there for a minute or two just enjoying the dark majesty of it. Then I realized that its the middle of winter, and if I'd been at home I'd be frozen stiff. Its been in the low 40s, which is to say a little above freezing most the week. I miss the cold and when I tell people about the sensation of having cold air freeze your lungs and eyelashes together, they think me crazy. I'm probably not helping the Sterotype of Canada Being the Great White North and I try to explain to them that its really not that bad. But maybe it really is that cold to them. Hmm.

These past two weeks I've devoted most of my Study time just to reading the Book of Mormon. President gives each new missionary a hard cover and the challenge to go through and highlight all the times it talks about Christ. So far I'm in Mosiah 20, almost halfway through the book and there hasn't been a single page that is unmarked. Some pages and dotted up pretty good. Its such a powerful book, and its sad when the people here don't even give it a chance before they know what it is. But Our job is to find those who have humbled hearts and who's ears are open to our message. But I know that this work cannot be stopped. Truth is flooding the land and I'm grateful to be even the smallest part of that.
I hope everyone at home is doing well. I pray for you all and think and miss you all dearly. Perhaps sometimes more than I should. Such is the life of a missionary.

Elder Sunada

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Its a Great day in the Kingdom!‏

Things are finally starting to pick up for us in the field. Everything is getting back to its usual pace and we've been able to start working with a lot of follow ups and our investigators more closely. This is really exciting for me because working with people one on one is when I feel like I'm making the biggest difference in someone's life. Perhaps I'll share some of the people we've been working with.

I've told you a little about Crawford I think. He's The black hipster who's 56. He has a goal that by February 1st, He'll know if the Book of Mormon is true. He's come a long ways and shows up to church every Sunday he can! Also he makes Gospel Principles class a riot! Too funny.

Then We have Jason and Kim. Jason got in contact with us the week before Christmas. His mother was a member but his father who was a Baptist was really controlling and they didn't get to go to church much. But from those early memories he knew that the church helped people. Kim is expecting in 2 months and Jason, who was injured while serving in Iraq hasn't been able to get enough hours between the job he's working now and his duties in the Military. They we're low on food and had been warned that their power was going to be turned off. It took us a while to get him in contact with the Bishop because he was crazy sick with the flu. Its that time of year and most people have come down with it. I've always had a good immunity to sickness but I really think that the reason I never got it this year was due in part to the flu shot I got before coming out. Anyways, They finally met with the Bishop last week and said they nearly broke down when he said the Church would help. Jason and Kim have always been firm believers in Christ and have been wanting to find a church to go to since they moved into the Roanoke Area. Because of their situation they've been humbled greatly and recognize the need to make church and Christ a Priority in their lives. They are super receptive to what we say and the coolest part is that when they went to the church to visit the Bishop they said that the moment they entered the building they felt something different and felt at peace. Its so cool when investigators get chances like that to feel the spirit and it makes our jobs much easier as missionaries. The Lord has prepared this family to hear his Gospel. Jason asked us the other day if we were allowed to take field trips. He wants to take us to a US ARMY Base and show us around what he does. Its a pretty big stretch that it'll ever happen but he also said if the mobile command unit ever comes through Roanoke he'd show us inside. You can control satellites and get a live feed!! Like google earth in Real time video!!! So I'm really hoping we'll get that opportunity.
We have a few other investigators who we've just started working with too. George Van Dyke, Who is apparently Dick's second cousin is a man who we just started seeing. He follows a masonic order currently and has some pretty interesting beliefs but he's really friendly and loves talking to us.
Then there's Lloyd, who lost his legs from Diabetes, but is still filled with high spirits all the time. He's also a musician and used to travel around with his wife doing shows. Because of his close calls with death he feels like theirs something more out there for him. He thinks that God probably sent us to him, which I think is pretty cool, because thats what we think too! Anyways those are just a few of the main ones right now. I'll keep yall posted if we get any who are progressing well.

I got to go on splits this week as well! Two in fact. First was with Elder Call in the Salem area. Salem area is currently a bike/walking area, and thats exactly what we did. We got dropped off on the far side of town and tried to go to a few appointments and visit some follow ups. But of course all of them fell through and we ended up walking at least a good 4 miles around town. Thankfully its not quite as cold as it is at home. We did have an appointment with a man that night who's been investigating the Church for nearly two years now! He knows basically all of the Doctrine and is just working on finding out if its what God wants for him. We mostly talked with him and tried to encourage him to continue to read and pray. His diligence reminds me of Brigham Young's. Apparently it took Brigham Young a few years himself to know if the Book of Mormon was true. His family started joining the Church and slowly he came in more and more contact with the Book of Mormon till finally he did what was necessary to receive an answer. I love learning about church history Especially as I think more about my own Ancestors who were a part of that. The Other transfer was in my own area with Elder Fisher. We were able to help a member move some things in her house, and then she made us Brownies! Service does have its rewards, and they are sweet! The big meeting of that day was with a man named Tony and his Wife Michelle. They were a family we tracted into before Christmas and gave us a book and invited us back. The book was called "Claiming Christ" and was a Debate between an evangelical and a Mormon Scholar who talked about the differences between their beliefs about Jesus. I was able to skim a portion of it and to my relief it was not as bad as I had feared it might be. It was actually a great example of how we can get along even with our differences in beliefs. Tony and his family are awesome. He Loves the Bible like crazy. They hold the Sabbath on the Saturday just like in the old testament and spend a good part of their day reading scriptures and studying with their little children. It was a little tough when we tried to share the Book of Mormon with him. Like many people they find it hard to accept even the Idea of the Book of Mormon, which is funny cause they often have little idea of what it actually is or how it came about. They just know it as the "Mormon Bible". In any case we had a good discussion with them and he's more than willing to have us back to talk more.

I'm so pleased to be serving out here. Working with people makes all the difference. I'm not gunna lie there's a lot of hard times and unpleasant things I've had to do. Home would be so much easier. But its seeing the change in the lives of others that keeps me strong and lets me know that my decision matters. It helps me carry on each day. Mail helps a lot too! Knowing that their are people back home who love and support me makes a world of difference. I love all of you! I keep you in my Prayers. And I can't wait till I'm back and hear Pres. Carter say "Its a Great Day in the Kingdom!"
Till then I'll miss ya,

Elder Sunada

Monday, January 3, 2011


Roanoke Star!

Elder Pendleton and Elder Botkin overlooking the city from the star

Bumper damage

Elder Jackman Showing why we don't put sweaters in the Dryer

Fattys near failed attempt at addressing a letter.

Happy New Years!

Happy 2011 Everyone!

I'm so excited for the Blessings and challenges of this up coming year. Already it has proved to be an interesting one. I'll start with last Monday. In the morning I had a cleaning hayday. I want to strongly recommend the Mr Clean Magic Eraser. Its the Bomb. After emails The Elders in the zone met up to play basket ball at the stake center while I decided I'd take the time to brush up on some piano playing. Then we went to walmart and I treated myself to a little Christmas gift. I bought a RICE COOKER! But forgot to get the rice... Hopefully today I'll find a suitable brand and maybe some Furikake.

Tuesday I had to drive around town to find estimates on what it would cost to fix the dent in the car. One estimate was upwards of $940, but we also found a guy working out of a much smaller garage who said it could be fixed for only $400. Thankfully all I had to do was get the paper work sent out and I no longer have to worry about it. For a while at least. That Night I gave my very first Priesthood blessing for the sick and afflicted. We've been meeting with Bishop Hinds and his wife to help us get practice in teaching lessons for the past few weeks. The Bishop has been nearly bed ridden for the past few days and very ill. It was a total surprise when he asked me if I would seal a blessing upon him. My time had come. I was a little nervous as I did not know what to say, But the spirit of the Lord guided me in my words and He was exceedingly grateful for the blessing. I'm so pleased to be worthy to use Priesthood authority in times of need.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent mostly at the library doing service work. Friday however was President interviews. I'm always excited for any opportunity to see the Mission President. He's a Brilliant man who always has strong words of advice and comfort to those who he presides over. After the interviews were over we went to lunch with the Salem Elders to apple Bees. Someone had secretly picked up our tab and the waitress who was a less active member herself wouldn't tell us who! It made me wonder if this is what its like to serve a mission in Utah... Also while we were there Elder Pendleton started to feel a little sick. He didn't even touch his food, which I should have taken as a bad sign as he normally out eats me 3:1. When we arrived home it was clear that he wasn't going to be able to go out and work the rest of the day so we settled in for the night. President and Sister Thornock even stopped by to bring him some sprite to help ease his stomach. Later in the Evening the Zone leaders came by so we could give him a blessing. However somehow I was again chosen to seal the blessing upon him. Twice in a week! I guess thats what we do as missionaries though. A little while after it was clear that he might need someone with greater expertise so we called President who was staying in town at President McBrides, his councilor who lived in the area and is also a Doctor! Shortly they arrived and Pres. McBride was able to give Elder Pendleton some medicine that helped him through the night. After they had left I spent my new years watching over him and keeping his fever in check with a cool towel. This wasn't all so bad as it gave me an excuse to break curfew and stay up past midnight! I was even a little apostate and tuned into a radio station for a minute to catch the countdown! Needless to say Elder Pendleton is much better and we'll be back out on the streets in Full force tomorrow!

New years day we spent almost entirely inside as Elder Pendleton was resting. I had time to do more cleaning, Write a letter, and catch up on some more study. I finished reading "Our Heritage", a brief history of the church. The stories of the early saints gave me strength. The Prophet Joseph Smith himself suffered and recovered from three major illnesses in his lifetime. That night after having been cooped up in the house all Day Elder Pendleton decided he was well enough to venture out for a bit and we met up with the District to visit the Roanoke Star! Its pretty much a giant illuminated star that sits above the city as a beacon. Sadly it was too dark to see much of the surrounding landscape but we had a good view of down town Roanoke. I'll send some pictures of the occasion.

Sunday was also fairly low key. It was good to go to church again. Missing just a single week seems like forever as a missionary. And I didn't even fall asleep in any classes! (not that I would anyways...)
I'm Glad that the fam had a good holidays. I miss those kids like crazy. We ate at a family last night who had three little girls. Made me think of the grandkids the whole time. It sounds like I missed out on a great Sunada family Gathering in Lethbridge as well. I'm kinda sad to be missing those crazy storms. It rained on the 1st and the snows pretty much all gone now.

This Morning I found out about the passing of Chirsty Humpherys. As I will not be able to attend her services later this week I'd like to share a bit of what Christy has meant to me. I first got to know sister Humpherys well whenever we'd have a priest camp, or other forms of adventure and I'd go over and petition her to let Ross come and that he'd be safe. She would often contend with my ideas of what was perfectly safe or at least only mildly life threatening. I discovered her quick wit and sharp mind was a force to be considered, but also that she knew that we'd be ok and was only chastening our over confident minds with careful wisdom, which was much appreciated. Over the years as I'd go over to the Humphrey's home to visit Ross I found I'd spend just as much time visiting with Christy and Bruce. We even came to be on a first name basis. I went over on several occasions without Ross even being home and would spend hours talking to them. We even became facebook Friends and she would continue to tease and Chastise me online about being up to late, or that I shouldn't be thinking about girls, or to get more focused on a mission. We grew to a point where we could even call each other Friends and transcend the youth to adult barrier. I can say that I always felt welcomed and warmed by Christy both in her home, and on every occasion when we met. She was one who helped focus and council me in being Faithful to the Lord and preparing to serve this mission.

My Prayers go out to the Humphey's family who have always treated me as though I were their own son. I know that Ross and I will be part of the legacy she left in this life. I can't wait to see her in the next.

Elder Sunada

PS: This upcoming Monday is transfers. I'm almost positive I'll stay in this area. However I wont be able to write home till Tuesday.