Friday, December 30, 2011

Back to the Streets

Wassup yall!
For an update from last week, I am doing much much better! I was discharged from the Hospital on Tuesday evening and stayed the next two nights at the Overbys, who took great care of me and nursed me back to health. We stayed at Souths apartment the rest of the week through Christmas, which made it easier to share the car seeing as I wasn't able to do much work on my feet. But my recovery was rapid! I'm currently back on my feet, off all painkillers as of last Friday. Since then I've been getting around very well. Rarely do I ever feel the surgical pain. I'm almost at full mobility again (I still have a hard time stretching all the way backwards like I used to but all good aside from that). So This week I'm planning on getting back into the full swing of things again as though It never happened.
Christmas has been really fun this year too. Spending it with the other Elders made it so much more enjoyable as we all were able to keep the excitement up. They are good Missionaries who are hard working and fun to be around. I'm in a great District! I really hope Elder Heiner and I will be able to find some to add to our teaching pool so we can get the ball rolling. I've had a much harder time Street contacting here than in any other area. Most people will tell you straight up that they're not interested and just walk off. I guess that's just city folk though. But There are good people here I know it!
OH! And there's also something else way exciting here. I ask the locals what there is to see and do around town. The Answer is typically, Not much. haha but what they don't realize is how cool it is that they have Not one, but TWO TIM HORTONS!! That's right. Timbits in Parkersburg West Virginia. I nearly Cried for joy when I saw that beautiful Canadian Icon. We even have gift cards to go there!! I'm super stoked! But I think that's All I got for the moment.
Thanks again for all the Prayers that went out on my Behalf. My biggest fear was that I'd be stuck in recovery mode for weeks of my mission. But I'm now ready to continue the work I was sent here to do. I know it was by the Power of God that things went so smoothly and that I am as healthy as I am.
I love you all so much and I hope that each of you were able to feel the Spirit of Christ this Christmas Season.
Elder Sunada

Monday, December 19, 2011

Still kickin folks!!‏

Hey everyone

So I'm sure many of you have heard that I've been having a very interesting weekend. Friday night I started feeling stomach pressure and thought I was just suffering from bad gas. Later that night however I couldn't seem to lie down without feeling extreme discomfort. After upchucking twice I asked my companion to give me a blessing of healing, after which I threw up once more and fell fast asleep.

Saturday morning we consulted with the mission nurse who said there was a flu bug going around and it would be best to rest in bed all day. Though the feelings of nausea had faded I was still left with bad stomach cramps whenever I moved and a fever with chills. Sunday morning I noticed that the pains had become localized in my right side. After giving the nurse another call we were told we should go get it checked out at a clinic. The parkersburg south elders left church to come pick us up and after a few quick checks the clinic said that I'd better get over to the ER. After registering it took a few hours to get into a room. All the signs suggested an appendicitis. A CT scan an hour or so later confirmed. I was scheduled for surgery shortly there after. The last thing I remembered was being in the anesthesia room at 10:10.

The operation lasted less then an hour. Pres Pitt and Sis Pitt came up to see me last night as well which brought great comfort. The ward has been great in doing little things for me even though I know them very little. Members from Gretna also gave me a call which was awesome. The surgery itself went well. Even though my appendix had ruptured I got lucky as the were able to remove it through 3 small holes instead of through a large incision. Saving me a gastely scar and some recovery time.

Today I've been doing my best to recover and eat and drink. Currently I'm using a members phone to send this out so I'll have to fill in more details later. I'm so grateful for all the prayers and blessings. I know I've come out better because of them.

I love you all. I'd love your letters too! Merry Christmas!
Elder Sunada

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Send a prayer Kurt's way

Elder Sunada went into the hospital this evening for an emergency appendectomy. Both his mission President and wife arrived at the hospital to stay with him through the night and until he is stable. Mom was able to speak to Kurt for a few minutes and he is doing okay, but was a little groggy from pain meds. We feel he is in good hands and expect everything should go well, but a few extra prayers for Kurt couldn't hurt!

Thanks and we'll keep you posted,


Thursday, December 15, 2011


1107 32ND ST APT 2
Hey just a quick update! This is my new address. I'm really excited to be in Parkersburg. We have a lot of work to do and Elder Hiner is Great! 
Well thats all I can do for now. Love ya!
Elder Sunada

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'll Be in ******* For Christmas‏

Hey Everybody!

What A Busy Week in Gretna! We did Even more service this week trying to get people ready for the winter season ahead. More Chopping and Delivering wood and even installing a chimney sleeve 30 feet up! It felt good to get up on a roof again. Its Finally starting to get cooler in Gretna. Meaning there's actually some frost on the Ground in the mornings, but it normally disappears by mid day. Elder Wilder and I have been doing a lot of running around and visiting people. Oh! We went to Lexington Last Sunday! Got to hear Jay E. Jensen of the Presidency of the 70 and the Stake president give some good talks! Sadly we didn't have any investigators show up. They all ditched a few days before. Its hard to get people to understand just how important coming to Church is in the first place, not to mention when there's a General Authority there. Until they actually go they'll never fully understand that its so much more important than whatever else comes up Sunday. I'm glad I've learned for when I go home not to miss Church unless I absolutely have too. I can't afford too! Luckily the Covingtons saved the day again and we went with them using Mark as our "Less Active" hahah. I am going to miss them both so dearly, as well as all of the other Familes in the Gretna area because....
Yes, I am finally getting transferred. No big Surprise. Not to pleased either. I would have loved to stay for Christmas, but I'm ok with what the Lord has in store for me else where. I'm going to be serving in a ward. A good Ward from what I hear. In a small city. But then again, all of the cities here are small. Its going to be farther north which means... Yup! You guessed it, I'm Finally going to be serving in WEST VIRGINIA! Parkersburg North to be exact. Its one of the most Northern parts of our mission, so I'll be going to the opposite end of the mission (long Drive tomorrow...) Its on the boarder of Ohio along the Ohio river and we will actually get to cover part of that state as well I Believe so I'm super stoked for that!! And Hopefully with the northerly climate I'll get some snow along too!! The Down side? From what I hear we share the city with another set of Elders, and also share a car. Meaning one week we drive, the next we walk. In the winter. But that means maybe I'll get back into shape! My companion is Elder Hiener (I think thats how its spelt). I know I've met him once before but I still can't recall his face. I hear he's pretty legit though and I'll get along with him great so I'm excited to meet him and work with him. 
Well, thats the main bit of news. Now I just have to cope with leaving behind the Town I love, as well as a great Branch (perhaps one of the best in the Mission) and a fantastic companion. Elder Wilder and I have had way too much fun together and we never got in a single fight or even argument. I can't wait to chill with him in the Future. I'm excited for the new challenges ahead, and to finally be a real West Virginia missionary. Its going to be a blast! 
Love you All! 
Merry Christmas Season!
Elder Sunada

Monday, December 5, 2011

Last week before transfers...‏

That's right, its that time again. Transfers is coming up right around the corner. Let this be a reminder that Next weeks email will come Tuesday. Also this could mean that I may be leaving the little Town of Gretna just prior to Christmas. People keep asking me if I'm tired of Gretna. Really I'm not. I could stay one more very easily. I have a form of Family here. People that I love and care for, and they do so in return. I guess I'll have to do as I've done thus far, and trust that Wherever the Lord sends me, it will serve his purpose and not mine. I've taken comfort in the scriptures:

Isaiah 55
¶For my athoughts are not byour thoughts, neither are your cways my dways, saith the Lord.
 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my aways bhigher than your ways, and my cthoughts than your thoughts.

So come what may, I'll keep my head up, and love it.

Last night was the First Presidency's Christmas devotional. For any of you who didn't get to see it, may I suggest that you go watch it soon?

I wanted to share one of the exciting things that was released during the devotional. President Eyring shared that the Church's work on short videos based on the Bible is now becoming available for all the world to have. He described it as a gift from the First Presidency of the Church to the world. A 9 min Clip was shown of examples during the conference which was so neat to see! Also the Church has announced that some 100 Short clips will eventually be released based on Stories from the bible, free to the world.

“We intend for these videos to be used freely by individuals, families, and groups,” said Elder Lynn G. Robbins, Executive Director of the Media Services Department. “We want to help our own members strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, and we offer this freely to other churches who may wish to use these videos in a similar way. The message of the Lord Jesus Christ needs to be shared as widely as possible throughout the world.”

I'm super stoked to be able to check these videos out in the Future as well as share these with others to help them strengthen their faith in Christ. I can't wait to make watching the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional a yearly tradition in my family as I feel it really starts off the Christmas season well and with Christ as the Focus.

As for this upcoming week, its going to be a busy one! It always seems that you have the most plans on the last week of the Transfer. A lot of this week is service based. Chopping more wood, scraping up old floors, moving furniture, burning leaves, etc. I've actually got some callus back on my hands! Feels Great :D But we also have some good lesson's planned and are working towards a special focus this week. This upcoming Sunday in yet another special one. Elder Jay E. Jensen of the Presidency of the Quorum of the seventy will be in the Buena Vista Stake and has asked for all missionaries serving in the stake Boundaries to invite all investigators, recent converts, and less actives to a special meeting Sunday morning just prior to the regular Sunday services. Way cool!! Another General Authority this Transfer. Apparently Elder Jensen used to be the Chancellor of Church Education. The Drawback? The meeting is at 9 am in Lexington, some 65 miles way, over a windy mountain pass. So it may be hard to get some of the people we've invited there but I have faith that If they truly put forth the Effort, God will bless them in securing a way for them. Exactly what is going to be said there is any one's guess, but I know that the Spirit of God will be present and all in attendance will come away with a Strengthened testimony of the Restored Gospel. So, if this is my Final Hurrah in the Gretna Branch, then I'm going to do my Darnedest to get people to this conference and leave the Area on a high.

I realize that I'm jumping around quite a bit but I just wanted to comment a little more on Yesterday. We had such a great fast and testimony meeting yesterday! The Spirit really was strong and many great testimonies were borne. I wanted to get up and speak knowing that it could be my last Sunday, but the time went over and I was not able to get up on time. So make sure you never let those awkward moments pass when no one else is getting up. Be the one to start the trend! I will make sure not to let that happen next time. We visited a few other families that afternoon and had a Great Supper with the Covingtons. I really could write a full email just about them and how much they do for us. They even prepared for us a special gift that I will cherish forever. May Heaven Bless them Both!

Well I think I've gotten out most of what I need to for the time Present. I hope that everyone is able to get into the Christmas spirit soon this year. Look for opportunities to serve and give to others. Remember always that Christ is at the Centre of all our Christmas Celebrations and it is all in Loving memory of Him.

Much Love,
Elder Sunada