Monday, August 27, 2012

Amish Cupboard...yum!


So Its been a pretty stressful week. But In a good way. Elder Gurney made his rounds and we visited a lot of people (He'd been in the area 9 months) then Got up early Wednesday morning and headed out. Elder Weitz was assigned to me until my future companion showed up. We spent most of the day declutering our apartment. At about 5pm the transfer train arrived and 4 elders got off. Elder Vogl, the new Lexington Zone leader, Elders Turner and Parker, the BV YSA 2 Elders, and finally Elder Holder, My new companion. The first time I saw him he was holding a guitar case and I was going to be great. Thus far its been amazing!

He's from Southern New Mexico (2 hours south of Silver City) and about 16 months out in the mission. We are going to rock this area. But it was a rough week trying to plan for 2 sets of elders. Thankfully it started working out on Sunday and now the other Elders have a good enough grip on their area to plan on their own so we can focus on ours. It was kinda sad because a lot of my favourite YSA's fell into the other Elders area, but we still have some good ones to work with and we actually Set a baptismal date!!! Its kind of a funny story because she's not living in our area currently but we taught her and she's coming back here to get baptized so we get to count it. Made my week!

We also had a lot of good meetings with the bishops, who are still struggling to staff their auxiliaries with Elders Quorum presidents, relief society presidents, sunday school presidents and ward mission leaders. So its still kinda crazy but theres some exciting news coming up. Orientation for school starts on Friday. We have a booth set up and Washington and Lee University on Saturday, and I might not email till next tuesday due to Labour day weekend and there's a big parade in town we are hoping to be at. 

OH and ZLC tomorrow. They said it might run later than regular so we might be gone from 4:30am-8 or 9 PM. Lots of driving. And Its my turn. Fun. Anyways, I think we want to go shopping now. Mostly they. I'm broke this month. To many going away outtings for Gurney. And trips to the Amish Cupboard for fancy cheese, dips, candy and smoothies mix. 

Well, Hope all is going well back on the Ranch!

Elder Sunada

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Holy Heck.

What a Week it has been. Probably our best and craziest week yet. We've been able to keep pretty darn busy meeting with people and sharing the gospel. Found 3 new investigators, a first for our area, and had some really great meetings with YSA's returning to activity/looking for a testimony boost. Its been such a blessing to try and help someone, then have them come back in a week and tell you how life's been better. Not only does it feel like I'm doing what I came here to do but for some of those we meet with the choices and changes they're making will effect the rest of their lives on into the eternities! In the process I feel like I am also making some life long friends, even if I never get to see them again. I will always remember the times that I spent with them and the effect they've had on me in return. After a long summer of working our butts off to keep busy, we've finally had things just fall into our laps. 

But now the fun part really begins. This past Sunday I attended 4 sacrament meetings in 7 hours of church. For the first time ever I even played piano in sacrament meeting, actually for 2 of them. The wards have split and our summer ward has become 6. Everything I knew just went out the window haha. Every day I see more new faces that I haven't learned the names of. All the people that I did know are now scattered. The good news is I think everyone is a little bit lost and will be till the semester starts. Even the Bishops are struggling to figure out who's in their wards because everyone is still moving around and their records haven't landed in the right place yet.

But it gets even better. This week, Is TRANSFERS. No worries, I'll be staying here, probably till the end. But Elder Gurney got called to train in Clarksburg. The YSA elders in Roanoke are being doubled out and their area changed (the good news is that Elder Muirbrook whom I've been living with is going there and training a new Missionary so I can trust him). The Lynchburg YSA are getting 2 new elders to serve in a Tri-panionship, but only for 3 weeks as the existing Elder will go home for school then. 2 new Elders will be sent here to BV to become BV YSA 2 and help us out with the wards. I'll be the only one pretty much left in our zone. 

Oh yeah, my new Companion, Elder Holder and I, will have the pleasure of trying to make sense of all this mess as the new Zone Leaders. Yup, they made me a ZL. Don't know what Pres is thinking, but he's got some faith! I'm scratching my head over how we're going to split the wards and share a car here in BV, let alone what the rest of the zone is going to do. I think I'll be spending a lot of time on my knees. I am excited in a way for all this to happen. Its going to be full throttle to the end for me it looks like. And that's a good thing. Some Elders tend to lose their mind in the end thinking about home. I don't think I'll have any time for that. 

YSA's keep us pretty busy. For instance, where else can I rip a hole in new pants (sorry, Mom) while playing volleyball and still consider it to be productive to the work? You've got to go where they go and do what they do to build those relations. I know it may seem like we just have fun but that was also a big step in helping a returning less active feel comfortable at an activity. I love being a missionary ;).

Lets see, what else. Too much. My mind is already on overload. Got accepted to BYU-I. Might get accepted to another. Those things are still kinda off in the distance though folks here make it a point to bring it to the forefront. I finally have my camera and a cord so I can upload some pictures! But I think I'll save some news for next week. 

Hope all is going well back home. Ya'll better go check out the temple for me and tell me about the Open House!

Love ya Lots!
Elder Sunada

Monday, August 13, 2012

Time is flying

Hey Everybody!

Time really does fly down here in Buena Vista. Next Week is transfers again and everything is going to be turned upside down. Although I'm pretty sure I'll be staying here, it sounds like Elder Gurney will be leaving to train, which means there will be 3 new YSA Missionaries in the area who don't have a clue of whats going on. I'm still pretty clueless as to how its all going to work. Next Sunday the Summer ward splits into 6 wards and We'll have to manage that somehow. Not to mention the number of students coming back. I'm doing my best to meet people and memorize names but there are so many I normally just embarrass myself by calling a Melissa Melanie or a Tami Tina. But Hopefully I'll get that figured out... It is exciting though to see the school get geared up to go again. Our work load should increase and hopefully we'll be busy every day with appointments. 

I've really enjoyed working with the Less Actives especially. Sadly there are a lot. But For most they still welcome missionary visits and are willing to try some of the things we suggest. 

We Picked up a former investigator this past week. She asks a lot of really good questions which make us think hard, but that's ok because it shows that she's also thinking pretty hard about what we teach. It also makes be break habits of just saying what I've always said and force me to tailor a unique message. So we'll pray that we can keep teaching her!

Well, I know there's lots more that's been going on, but my mind just can't get it all out . So I'll have to share it with ya'll later.

Sure Love ya!
Elder Sunada

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This past week has consisted of more meetings and a few exchanges. We had our 3rd ZLC on Tuesday which meant another long day of driving, but this time I didn't have to drive so I just slept in the back. President once again blew our minds with some intense doctrine. It focused a lot on Hope, Faith and Charity but in a way that I'd never comprehended before. He gave us some handouts so we wouldn't have to take notes but I wish I had so I could remember how to relate the points. I've probably now taken more notes during meetings than I did in all 3 years of High school. Following the meeting we went on exchanges with the assistants. I got to go with our newest assistant, ELDER KLAIN!! It was the best exchange ever. The only problem is that it was too short. Elder Klain (From Cardston) had been made an assistant the Sunday prior to ZLC and this was his first exchange in that capacity. He's got a big task ahead of him as both of the other assistants die at the end of this transfer (Aug 22nd) and he'll have the responsibility of learning everything before then and training another assistant. We've already determined that we're going to be friends for life and live up life back in Alberta when our time is up. 

On Friday we had another meeting which lasted 3 hours down in Lynchburg, then I went on exchange with Elder Stoven to Roanoke. Its kinda funny to be back in places that are so familiar. We even got to visit one of the back creek families while doing YSA work which was a pretty sweet treat. I only wish I had more time to see them all but sadly that's not the nature of my current calling. 

Aside from all of that I don't think to much else happened this week. oh! We did meet one less active YSA that we've been trying to contact for a few months. It was awesome because he's a huge out door guy and we were able to talk about crazy mountain adventures and what kind of gear he was rocking. He was excited to take us out in the backwoods here, which I'm way down for. Hopefully Next Monday we'll go out with him and I'll be able to write you about it. 

Well, Sounds like the Crew's ready to rock so we'll catch ya'll later!
Elder Sunada

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Youth Conference

Good Grief what a week! Its been a busy one! Lots of meetings. Lots of
events! This will have to be a short email however.

We had our Photo night on campus Saturday! It was turned out well! Except
for the turnout that is... We didn't get as many families out as we were
hoping to, but what we did have worked out well and we were able to have
some small miracles work out of it. For instance, we found a  less active
YSA girl by chance. She wasn't even there for a photo! But we were able to
get to know her and she welcomed us to come by and visit sometime.
Also did our gig for the Buena Vista Stake Youth Conference. Had 4 classes
of youth come through and we taught for 45 mins. I feel like it went pretty
well and a few of the Youth had some really good responses.

Found out in President interviews that Elder Gurney and I will be split at
the end of this Transfer (22nd), but both staying in the area. That way we
will both get one incoming Elder and know the area well enough to get work
done. We'll still be living in the same apartment so its all good.

Sorry this has to be short. I'm loving these days more and more. I want you
all to know that I love the Lord and all that He's done for me. He Truly
answers prayers and is Mindful of us all.

Till Next time!
Elder Sunada