Monday, May 23, 2011

More mail please!

Good To hear from you all! I opened my email this morning and it was pretty bleak looking. Its always good to hear whats going on with everyone, even it nothings really going on.

(Replying to the trip going on at Dana's house)
Party in Idaho much?! I might have to do some of that when I get back, but first I need to spend some time on Canadian soil wallowing in the Alberta Loam. Its nice down here but Its just not home.

Gretna is quite different from Cave Spring. Its small. Like really small. And we tract out a lot of hallars. Which means walking along a lot of long driveways and no where roads. I've taken a few vids to demonstrate that I'll send home with my package. I still have it and am just looking for a few thigns to fill it up so I'll send in home in the next week or two.

Elder Fisher and I are Rockin it down here so far. I got Whit's Email! I'll send her one back sometime soon too.

Ya'll Take care over there!
Love Elder Sunada

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm going to...

So Its Official.

I got the Call last night and I will be leaving the Beautiful Roanoke Valley Tomorrow morning. I've been here now 6 months. Its been a wild time but I've loved it all. I've grown really close to the ward members and I am defiantly making plans to return to the Valley someday, whether on my mission or after.

I Guess I should let everyone know where I'm going though now....DrumRoll!!.....GRETNA!.... Yeah I don't know much about it either. Its still in Virginia. A little ways south and east of here. I hear its a small town with only a branch. I'll be Companions with Elder Fisher, who was my first Zone leader so I'm pretty stoked for that! Actually I'm going to Kill him...hehehe. In missionary terminology this means that I'm going to be his last companion before he goes home or "Dies". Mission life is just that. A life within a life. Part of, though totally separate from everything you've done before. Time is short here for our work to do. But It is a great time, as well as a difficult one.

These last few days I've been trying to get around and see many of the people who I've come to love and will miss. There just is not enough time to see them all and it will be sad to leave some without the chance to say goodbye. I think I've made some long term friendships in the area that I hope to maintain throughout the years. I know some of them have Facebook creeped me already so it shouldn't be that hard haha.

And I was worried that since I've acquired a few new things since coming out that I'd need to get an extra travel bag to carry them around in. Thankfully I was able to fit my rice cooker, the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, a bag of Rice and a few extra tee shirts. SO PLEASED. Years of tetris Late at night have paid off! But anyways I'll be able to give a more full report of everything next week when I get there.

My time is expired. Love you all!

Elder Sunada

Tetris skillz have I

I sure am going to this Area! So many cool Families!

Made Some Awesome Smores for Dinner last night

Apparently they found him Crossing their Front Driveway. Super Sweet.

This is how we Roll.

Using some pro Packing skills I've managed to fit my ricecooker, 4kgs of rice,
and a Christmas Tree in my suitcase. So pleased!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day!

This Past week as has been pretty awesome.

Especially the weekend. Saturday I actually got to use a shovel and a rake!!! I moved dirt and got sweaty! I know it seems kinda crazy but I miss doing hard manual labour. We went up to the ward Mission leaders home, Brother Bohon, and he was able to put us to work. I also drove his lawnmower, which was awesome because it was super nice. Diesel, 4 wheel drive, Power steering. So that was fun. We had a lesson with Emery to Follow. I love that mans stories and his Mannerisms. Its too funny. But we are also slowing getting him to where he needs to be.

We were able to attend a baptism in Salem Ward. Those Elders have been getting all the luck! Haha I guess Heavenly Father decided they needed the blessings because its so hard to find anyone in there area. most of it has been pretty well tracted out.

While we were finishing up at the Baptism I noticed that something was being set up in the Gym. They were having a huge black and white ball for the Youth. I was again reminded that, while I'm not yet "Old" I'm definitely getting older. No longer a youth anyways. Crazy.

Sunday was such a great day! Last Week Bro. Shorter had come up to me and asked if I would give a talk the following Sunday. Though the initial hesitation was there, It soon subsided as I realized that it would be a mothers day talk, and I'd have no problem drawing on experiences to talk about :) I've been blessed with a Great mother and a Great Family.

After Church on Sunday we went to Bro Shorter's house again where I was able to call home. It was so good to hear their voices again! Bro. Shorter also fed us Pizza and old school Grape Soda.

It was The best weekend!

Elder Sunada

Monday, May 2, 2011

April pics

Hard at Work

I decided to leave a momento of myself in the Apartment.
I thought it was creative and Classy.

Out Doing some Yard work in the Country.

Mormon Mafia

Salem Elders Totally Found a Turtle on the Road.
Too bad We can't keep pets...

The Roads and wilds of Virginia. Beautiful.

Time's too short!

So this is going to have to be a quick one! But I've had a pretty good week.

There was a pretty exciting event this past week that we were able to attend. The BYU Young ambassadors came to town and we were allowed to go and be a "presence" for the Church. They ran a really good sing and dance show. a Very impressive group. I'm always amazed at how people can sing and dance like that at the same time and pull it off so well! It was also really cool because the theme of it was all about growing up through life and building stronger families. Super neat with lots of investigators who came out!

Then I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Leah again. This time he came to our area and I introduced him to a few of the people we were teaching. He was amazed at how much our investigators like to talk. Its kinda funny, Somehow I tract out all the ones who are story tellers. But I really Like working with Elder Leah. For one, he's originally from England, so we're both Foreigners. But more importantly he's a really good stalwart missionary who works his butt off. He's a really good example to me of being fearless and talking to everyone and keeping busy all the time.

I love Sundays in the mission. Sacrament meeting was awesome. We saw 3 babies blessed this week including little Ashley, who was born 4 months premature and weighed in at just over a pound. It was truly a miracle of the Priesthood that she survived, and not only that but now almost 6 months old, still seems to be a perfectly healthy and normal child! The testimony meeting that followed was powerful as this little girl had been prayed over by the ward for some time. They also had many non members and less actives who haven't been to church in years to come and the spirit was strong as the Grandmother and those closely associated with the child bore powerful testimony.

That Evening we went to Pete Christlelys 93rd Birthday. We saw much of the clan we saw last week for Easter, Plus another large group of cousins and family that I couldn't even keep track of. It was great to visit and also to get more great food.

Last piece of good news, I haven't gained more than 10 pounds the whole time! After that initial spurt I guess my body was content to stay like that. So Its been Great.

Catch y'all next Week.

Elder Sunada