Monday, July 25, 2011

Paint it Red.‏

Icarumba! Es Muy Caliente!!

Or in other words, ITS BEEN WAY TOO HOT!

Haha so this past week there was a bit of a heat wave with temperatures getting up to the 100F(38C) or up to 110F (over 40C) on the Heat index taking into account for humidity.

So what did we have planned for these days? Service in the Sun!! Friday morning we went over to the American legion to help distribute food to fixed and low income families. We started at 8:30 in the morning when it was already almost 90F. We helped unload boxes of food for a good few hours, but after that we had a great lesson with a very promising investigator and some members in the Church! It was great as we were able to give her a tour of the building and have a great lesson! THEN she showed up to church on Sunday! :D Its been a little while since Gretna's had a solid investigator so I'm really Excited for her!

After our lesson we helped deliver some food and then went for our weekly Bingo at the Nursing home. Some of those Seniors are really growing on me! We go there about twice a week to visit members who are staying there as well and I always have to stop and say hi to someone in a wheelchair rolling down the halls. Its pretty sweet.

After that we had some more service! Out in the sun... haha it was really really hot but I actually enjoyed it. We were helping a Part member Family paint a deck. Practice staining the fence back home helped out so I guess I owe you a thanks Mom and Dad ;). The next day, we decided we hadn't had enough and again went out into the heat to paint. This time I got to get up on a ladder and paint! I miss being at heights. Whatever my job is when I get back home I hope it involves me way up in the air looking down on everything. They are a pretty sweet family though. I also scored a sweet Jacket out of the deal! I was going to Trade Freddy a CFD patch for one of his old ones when he brought me out one of his old Jackets with a few patches on it. Freddy's the man! So most of our numbers were a little lower this week with all our service but that didn't bother me so much because we had some really great lessons on the side and our next week is almost fully booked already which means, Less Tracting in the Heat!! :D

We stayed in Gretna last night because were staying in Lynchburg tomorrow night. In the morning we have our first President interview!! Followed by a district meeting and some more service for a family in their area. I'm really excited to spend some 1 on 1 time with President Pitt. I was talking to Elder Jensen last night about how much we love and Miss President Thornock but also about how cool its going to be to get to know the new President and see what he's bringing to the table. Its been going great and I can't wait to see what the next week will bring!

Miss you all and I hope all is going well on the home front! Let me know whats going on ;)

Elder Sunada

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gluttony fest at Macado's

In all we ordered 50 wings and two 2 foot long Hindinburgs between 4 of us.

Picture from Fishing a few weeks ago. This is Bruce. one of my Favorite Rednecks.

Our little Salamander Stow away.

Leaping Lizards!!‏

So this was a fairly typical week of tracting, going to appointments, getting stood up, more tracting ect. Haha its been alright though because we did get some awesome lessons in with Members and some less actives.
Some of the people here are too funny. Elder Bolan and I were waiting in our car in a parking lot waiting for someone to meet us (sounds sketchy right?) If your driving around with a big cigar and a NASCAR hat, you might be a redneck. If your dangling a young child by the arm wearing only a diaper into a sit down restaurant, you might be a redneck. If your using foodstamps to buy a case of redbull, well you get the idea. Its pretty ridiculous sometimes what you see just sitting still in this town. But at least it keeps things interesting. Oh speaking of sitting around! Every Evening once the sun starts going down and if your driving into town up mainstreet, I always look to the first house on the right, because there's almost always this old bearded man who looks like Uncle Jesse off of the Dukes of Hazard who sits on his porch and waves to everyone going by. He's like the Walmart Greeter of Gretna! It defiantly makes the town feel more welcoming haha.
So we were checking up on some old investigators to see if they would be interested in taking the lessons again. Going up to a house I found a Watchtower magazine laying on the ground. Seeing as it litter and an eyesore to that persons lawn i took the liberty of picking it up so that it could be properly disposed of ;) I put it in my pocket folded up and went about our business. When We got back to the car I took it out and unfolded it to read the cover when all of a sudden a little black creature screeched out of it!! it caught me quite off gaurd and I through the paper into the back seat of the car. Turns out he was a little salamander of sorts. He disappeared into the back of the car where we couldn't get him but later he appeared and we caught him again and set him free. I thought maybe dad might like that story.
Oh Last Monday we were in Lynchburg for P-day and we decided to go to Macado's to eat. The Monday night special is 29cent wings and 1/2 price Hindinburg subs. We kinda ate our selves silly but we also had lunch for the next few days :).
This week the Lynchburg Elder Decided to come to Gretna for a change. I'm not sure what were going to do today to keep busy. Maybe go to the parking lot and watch people walk by. Anyways, I'm still loving it out here and can't wait to get another Baptism!! I feel one may be coming up soon. I'll Keep ya Posted.
Love Ya!
Elder Sunada
Oh PS! If anyone goes to the Temple grounds and gets some pictures, send them along!! I'm kinda sad that I'm missing the Temple being built in my own city so I gotta keep updated on it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Holt Reunion 2011

Dang it sounds like Everyone had a lot of fun at the reunion! But I'm alright with that. I hope that the next one we can get as good of a turn out. I can't even remember the last time I saw Zach! My memory wants to say when we were down and he got home from his mission, but I'm sure there was another time before that! I Would love to go to Denver for the next one!! On the Condition that I either go down a week early or stay a week later and go mountain climbing! Kinda a forward thought But I'm really missing the Rocky's. I'm afraid that when I get home I won't be in good enough shape to do what I was doing before. Granted we do walk a few miles a day but here its mostly flat or low rolling hills at best. 
Also Glad to hear you finally got some good weather. There hasn't been even a remotely cold day the whole time I've been in Gretna. I'm getting a little more used to it though. Better at ignoring it anyways. It kinda makes me jealous when the kids around here always talk about going to the Beach (the ocean) or even the pool. But I was never a huge swimmer anyways. 
I'm stoked you'll be getting my package today! I was wondering when it would get there. I think some of the mail coming from Canada is still backlogged. I got a bunch of letters from a recent ward activity from the Youth and it was awesome! I'm working on responding to some of those that added their addresses but I'm so behind on letters its not even funny! To put your fears at rest, I got the Package. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! I loved the Random Canadian Goods, as did the other elders who Mobbed me until I imparted them with some small trinket. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Timmy's Mug. I've had a good cup of hot chocolate out of it almost every morning since I've got it. The Apron and pot holders was a good touch too. I've never had an apron before so I often strut around our house in it just because I Can. I've also been proving to everyone down here the insuperiority of their chocolate with All the chocolate that got sent up. Sadly a little bit of it got melted somewhere along the way. Not surprising considering that its always hot and we can never keep things cool in our car without the AC. But nothing was spoiled and it was all good! Probably one of the Best Birthday boxes ever! Oh and I've made great use of the Canada Roots Sachels. They're the right size to fit a bunch of Pass along cards, BoM's and a water bottle which is much nicer during hot days than my backpack. Easier to run away from dogs too with it. 
I'd tell you more but Were in Lynchburg again so the library is dumb and my time is just about up. I guess this will have to be my main letter for the week unless I get a chance to fill up my hour time slot back in Gretna.(it gave me about 40 Mins)
Well I love everyone and and missing them lots! The Work is going great and Elder Bolan is improving very well! I'm proud to have him as my boy. 
Enjoy the nice weather while you can!
Elder Sunada

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Canada Day!! (and 4th of July)‏

Hey Everyone!!

This past week has been pretty fun. Didn't get up to much last Monday. Mostly just some lazing around. I've been a little more burnt out these past few weeks of training. Its about the same workload but I seem to be working harder and getting way more tired. Tuesday we had a pretty good District meeting in the Morning and I got to go on exchanges with Elder Squires. We Both Love food. And Better than that, he loves to cook :D Great Combination. I cooked up a pot of Rice, and he fixed some veggies and chicken cordon bleu. It was Rockin. The next morning he used the left over rice to make Congee, A mix of rice, cinnamon and honey. Excellent. Then we found a great follow up contact!! So we had a pretty good time. I got Elder Bolan back that afternoon and we went back to hitting the streets tracting.

Friday was a busy service day which was awesome because I got to do some more manual labour! We helped out the Smoots clear off a small private grave site that had been overgrown for years. It looked a world better when it was done! Then we got to go play more bingo at the Nursing home. Its pretty funny and kinda sad how excited they get about Bingo for Quarters. If I ever get that excited about bingo someone please pull the plug.

I love Sundays in the mission! Especially fast and testimony meetings. It was great to be able to see the faith of the members and to see that even though the branch is old, its still strong! So Today was my First 4th of July in America...and really I don't think I even noticed. Probably because we went out fishing this morning in a members pond. We went with Bro. Covington, Campbell, and Bruce (half naked guy in the picture who's Bro Campbells Bro-in-law) I caught my first Bass!! The first one was maybe only a pound and 9in. long. But the next fish I landed was nearly 5 pounds! It was a nice pound Bass. I gave it to Bruce who caught one about the same size to cook up. I thought I had a pretty looking fish till I saw Dad's 94 Lb. Halibut. I'm glad he got a good catch this year! To bad that Won't be around when I get back. Just Means you can't retire from Fishing yet Dad!

Anyways I best be getting on now. And hopefully I'll be able to get a few letters back to Canada Now. Its been a few weeks since I've had anything from north of the Boarder but they should get it all caught up soon. They didn't Deliver the mail today due to the holiday. But Its all good. The Lord been keeping me busy and thats all I need :)

Love you all Bunches!

Elder Sunada