Monday, June 27, 2011

Bye Bye Fisher; Hello Bolan

Bye Elder Fisher!

Elder Bolan

The Campbells
(Bro Campbell is blind and probablyone of the coolest members of the branch)

Elder Fisher and I at the Smith Mountain lake Dam on our Birthdays!

Bee Keeping! ( I want one when I get home)

More HUGE spiders.
Everytime I see a nasty big spider I have to take a picture.  I don't know why.

I'm a What?!‏

A Trainer. Weird. Crazy. Cool. and a little Scary. But I'm down with it.
So Tuesday night we spent working in Lynchburg seeing members of the Grenta Branch in hospitals. Both Elder Fisher and I were trying to get over a cold and were pretty stuffed up. He got it a Little worse that I did. And He really didn't want to have it when he got of the Airplane Thursday afternoon. So he took a pretty good dose of NyQuil. Elder Houghton and I were up at 3 Am just starting to get readying for the early day ahead. Elder Fisher runs into the room with his arms spread wide winding back and for and proceeds to tell us about this crazy airplane dream he has. Then he states that he feels a little weird. Elder Houghton and I bust up because Elder Fisher has no clue that he's a little stoned from the Medicine. He shaped up by the time we left for Roanoke.
I love Driving in the early morning hours! It felt good to be able to go on a bit of a road trip again. When we got to Roanoke I got to meet up the elders who were leaving the area. Which means I got to see Elder Conger!! It was sweet. And I got to spend the day In Roanoke with Elder Leah! We had probably one of the best lessons ever, Mostly because his investigator was super sincere and studious. Then we got to go see Danny...WHO GOT BAPTISED!!! YEAH!!!! I was super stoked to spend some time with him.
Finally the Transfer train arrived along with my new car and....ELDER BOLAN from Richmond UT. Its a small town a little north of Logan in the Cache Valley. Darn these Utah Missionaries from Cashe Valley. The more I meet the more they try to convince me that I want to go to Utah State University down there when I get home. Pfft. That would be silly. But its starting to get to me... But yeah he's a pretty chill kid. He Loves Fishing and Hunting. I can still remember pretty well my first few days in the feild. He's in for some wild times and I've been trying to do my best to share with him what I know and be a good example. We have a 7 week transfer ahead of us so hopefully I'll be able to get him well prepared for whatever comes his way. I myself feel like sometimes I don't know hardly anything and its a little scary at times but with continued prayers and Heavenly Father Guidance I think I'll be able to pull through.
Oh! The new car sadly is not a Jeep or an SUV. But It is a Subaru Impreza. A step up in my mind from the Corolla we were driving. Still has the new car smell :)
Sad News. The United states Postal Service stopped accepting Mail to Canada as of June 18th till the Strike is called off :( I'm a little bummed about this. Someone give me a heads up when we get this thing over with. Common Canada! Get To it! Go Petition the the Gov. For me! I'll manage in the mean time though.
In the coming weeks of training I'm really hoping I'll be able to use Elder Bolan's Enthusiasm and Fire to get some good work done. The Mechanics of missionary work is one thing, and they come with time, But right now its the spirit that he carries thats going to lead this work and I'm going to try and feed of that as much as I can.
I love you all for your continued support and prayers. Thanks to those who sent out Birthday wishes! Each one was very much appriciated.
Elder Sunada

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Surprises everywhere!‏

We've had a blast this past week.
Elder Fisher and I both had Birthdays and I finally crossed the Threshold of 20. No Longer a Teen!! What Does that mean? I'm not quite sure. But I'm told the next 10 years should be as much fun, If not much more, That the last 10 years so I'm alright with that.
On Tuesday we had a full day of work, but also some great members who made us and awesome meal. Wednesday we spent time with The Campbells who took us down to the smith mountain lake dam. Sadly it was closed to the public for the time being so we didn't get to tour it, but we had a great picnic and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. I apologize for those in places who may not have been having the most optimal summer weather. I'd trade with you if I could, Cause all this +90F is starting to get to me. But I suppose I'll just have to put up with it ;)
Its also been a funny week as Elder Fisher has been making all the preparations to go home. Its kinda funny to think that he's so close now. Its been bugging him too. He keeps saying that the closer it gets the worse he feels about it. I know he's excited to go but I also understand his hesitancy. Its a Big Change coming and going. Missionary work is so hard but so great. Its a forever Bitter-sweet experience. I'm Glad for it though.
We have some big news coming up though. On June 29th, President and Sis. Thornock go home :( Its going to be a bit of a change but I'm super exacted to see what President Pitt will be like and what he'll bring to the table. Also Grenta will be getting a brand new Mission Vehicle!! This is a pretty rare treat. One that I never considered would happen during my mission experience. I lucked out. Rumor is that it'll be a Jeep SUV. SICK! So hopefully that works out. I'll be driving back to Roanoke for the day to pick up the new Vehicle as well as....MY NEW GREENY...WHOA. I'm going to be training an Elder Fresh from the MTC this Transfer! Its pretty exciting but also pretty scary because my effectiveness as a trainer will heavily influence his effectiveness as a missionary. So far I don't know a darned thing about him. But I imagine I'll get to know him pretty quick on the ride back tomorrow. So I'm going to have to work hard to keep us both on track. An experience to grow for us both.
We'll I gotta Run. Love ya'll!
Elder Sunada

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hot and Cold!‏

The weather here is crazy sometimes. Maybe not as crazy as it is back home. I hear flooding and forestfires are concerns. Here we'll spend 3-4 days in the high 90Fs and even 100Fs! Then these crazy thunderstorms come through and blow everything around. It was really cool the other day actually. We were tracting and I looked off into the distance and Noticed a storm was on its way. We figured we'd have enough time to knock a few doors before it'd hit. The second door we hit we met a really nice lady who knew who we were because her mother had been a member. She told us that the storm was right at our heels but we said we'd be alright. Just then the breach wind hit us and things got super ugly. She then informed us that we did not have a choice and we would be waiting out the storm in her house. We agreed and she hooked us up with a good helping of water melon. I see it as a Sign that Heavenly Father is watching out for us. We were just where we needed to be to be kept safe from that storm when it hit. And While that family wasn't to interested in hearing our message, we had an appointment with a mother and her two sons who was looking for a way to keep her family strong and togther and was so cool to teach! So the work, while slow at sometimes has been progressing and I really think that in the coming weeks we'll have some real potentials for Baptism!
I can't think of anything else too exciting this week. I Love Fireflies though!! They call them Lightening bugs out here. They are so cool!! The first time I saw one a few weeks ago it really tripped me out but they're lots of fun to catch and put in Jars. If I could bring part of the south back home it'd defiantly be them!
I think Next Monday for Pday we are planning to go to Appomattox, the town where the Gen. Lee Surrendered to the Union Army. So I'm excited to hopefully go see some American Civil war sites finally!
Life is going well Down in Gretna. Hope everyone back home is Having a Blast for Summer!!
Elder Sunada

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Wishes from FB

Jody Holt Vanee Happy Birthday, Elder Sunada!!! Have an AWESOME day!!!
Becca Woodruff Happy Birthday Elder Sunada! I hope you have a wonderful day down there in Virginia!
Melanie Sunada Happy Birthday Kurtie Burt ! Hope you are enjoying your time in virginia ! Miss you tons and can't wait to seee your face =)
Andrea J Vance Happy Birthday Kurt! Hope you are loving Virginia!
Daniel Anderson Happy Bd Kurt!
Julia Rose Sutherland Hey Kurt! i hope you have a lovely birthday!! ♥
Emma Szczuczko Another year past and I still get to be a day older than you! Victory! Hahaha
Cian Wong Happy birthday big guy!
Brittany Rau happy birthday kurt!
Kathleen Ryan-Chow Happy Birthday Brotha from anotha Motha. ;) xoxo
Miya Penrice Miss you kurty Burt! Thinking about family a lot lately and wanting to send you my love! I hope everything is going well in your you cousin:)
Veronica Vargas Holt Happy Birthday Kurt!!!!
Emily Ursenbach Happy Birthday times two!
Wendy Huang Happy Birthday!! =) Have fun and best wishes! Kat
Brittany Leeson SUNNY FREAKING SUNADA!!!! Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! I hope everything is going lovely down in Virginia- cant wait to see you when your back.
Bernice Aasen Happy Birthday Kurt! Hope you have a most wonderful day!
Brent Innes Happy birthday Elder
Wilson Kwan Happy Birthday Kurt!
Siobhan Olfert Happy Birthday Elder Sunada! :D
Heather Holt Hall Happy Birthday, Kurt!
Germaine Benuen Happy Birthday Kurt, and have a wonderful day!!!
Kristy Imahashi Happy birthday Cuz!!!!! Hope you have an awesome day!!!
Lindsay Nichole Greep Happy Birthday Kurt! Miss you!Ashley Ouellette Happy Birthday Kurt! :)
Nancy Wilson happy Birthday, Kurt. Have a wonderful day.
Meghan Rempel Happy birthday Kurt
Makayla Viola Happy Birthday Kurt!!!
Rhys Thornbery Happy Birthday
Bronwyn Olfert French Happy birthday Kurtio!!! Miss you!!!! Samantha Down Happy Birthday Kurty!
Leslie Scott Happy Birthday!Gizette Calixte happy birthday!
Lindsey Sunada happy birthday kruty butt!  miss yea lots!
Kayla Friesen HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Janelle Locking happy birthdaay !
Krista Ali Hunter Happy Birthday!!
Monica OlmedoIngoldsby Happy Birthday !!!
Keaton Welch happy birthday bud! hope your mish is goin well
Kimberley Kowatch Happy Birthday Kurt!!! WE miss u
Sean Hoey Happy birthday Mr. Birthday-sharer! ;)
Kayla Shea Rodgers HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURT!!!
Sara Baker Tripp Happy Birthday Kurt!!!! :)
Barb Parkinson Happy Birthday Kurt, hope you have a great day :)
Elena Michelle Happy Birthday:)
Caitlin Smigel Happy Birthday! Miss you!! Hope your mish is going great!!
Michael Johancsik Happy Birthday Sunny
Becky Vance Kuuuuuuuuuurt! I miss you! Hope you're having a great birthday :) I'll write you soon!
Kimberly M. Boehmer Happy birthday Sunny! I hope all is well on your mission. :)
Sherissa Kanten Happy birthday Kurt! Miss ya lots.
Mackenzie Chiles Happy birthday! :)
Jonathan Senger Happy Birthday Kurt !
Kayte Barker Umm KURTTT!!! I guess you will get to see this after your mission haha but I hope you are having an amazing birthday!! Happy Birthday ! Miss you so much ! xo
Arron Le Happy birthday Kurt!
Paris L Royal happy bday mane!!!!
Andrew Rigby MR. SUNADA!!! I except your mission of saving the world with you awesomeness will prevent you from reading this for a while. STILL, I wish you a happy birthday and invite you into the Realm of Upstanding Gentleman. Hope you are well and awesome,
Mr. Rigby
Leif-Kylie Arrhenius kurty!!! happy birthday! Hope your mission is the BEST!!!
Patricia WüitreFrözen Avalos Feliz Cumpleaños, Kurt! :) Hopre you're having a good time, wherever you are!  Tons of kisses! :)
Brynae Geurts KURTIS !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!
Keely Vanderwal happy birthday! see you in a year
Nina Djebbari happy birthday man! have a good one!Naghib Postma happy birthday Mj de Oliveira happy birthday :)
Brittany Stewart Happy birthday!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Goodbye President & Sister Thornock!

Pres. & Sis. Thornock

Transfer day

I'm travel size

RedNecks are awesome!
Curtis(Grey Ghost), Kym, Kenny, Us, J.J.

Road kill, anyone?

OK 8 mins to write so I'll just have to send this all at once.
Last week we had Zone Conference. Which was Way sweet as we got to go to Buena Vista (pronounced: BYU-NA VIS-TAH) and meet the rest of the Zone. Sadly though this was President Thornocks last visit to the mission, and Likely the last time I'll see him on the mission. :( Sad day. He leaves the end of this month And President Pitt will be here on the 30th of June I think. So some big changes coming up in the mission. It was a great Conference and we watched probably one of the coolest MTC talks by Jeffery R. Holland. It was so intense and made me want to work so much harder.
I hate ticks. They are the worst. I've had to pull 2 out of me so far, as well one day I found up to 5 crawling on me. Nastiest little things... egh. We've been excited for some people we are working with in the Branch though. It was pretty dry when I got here as we only had 1 real investigator on the road to baptism. But as of these past few weeks we've been able to find and teach some good potentials as well as get investigators to church! Yesterday in Fast and testimony meeting an investigator actually got up and bore her testimony of Christ and you could tell that she was feeling the spirit. I'm so excited for all of the people! Country folk are so much nicer, if only slightly more awkward to get along with, but that's all good.
We've been spending a good amount of time with some of the Lynchburg Elders. I'm actually in Lynchburg yet again. We'll be going back to Gretna tonight for some appointments, then back here tomorrow morning for a District meeting. I've been learning lots of cool tricks and life skills out here. Such as how to throw cards, read minds, play crazy red neck games and make egg nog in a blender in June! Missions are pretty great, I highly recommend for anyone thinking about serving the Lord.
Elder Houghton and I are also making big plans for when we get back. He's from Fresno CA, and a pretty rocking dude. We're going to go do a survival hike in Southern Utah, then up to the Canadian Rockies for some Fantastic vista's and climbing!
This past weekend we also went to a small local Event Called Uncle Billys day in Alta Vista. We decided that instead of knocking a bunch of doors with no one home we'd go down and work the crowds. It worked out well as we found some long lost Less active members and now we get to go visit them! Towards the end of the day we did some tracting and found a man who's day we were able to brighten and enlighten. We're going back to teach him next week :)
The Work is great and the cause is Glorious. I'm so Pleased to be out here doing this. I miss you all and would love some mail! I hear there's a postal strike going around in Rotation so hopefully that won't mess too much up.
Catch ya later!
Elder Sunada

Friday, June 3, 2011


Message from Dana:
It's Elder Sunada's Birthday on June 14 and what could be better for a missionary
than a boatload of mail?!!
If you hurry and send off a letter you just might make it in time.
Or perhaps use 
Just sayin!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little Late...‏

Hey So I didn't get a chance to get an email out yesterday. There are downsides to having a few extra holidays down here in the USA. Yesterday was memorial day, therefore the Libraries were closed and no emails were sent.
Currently I'm in Lynchburg on exchange with Elder Jensen From Lethbridge!!! We're rockin the Canada here now. I'll be back with Elder Fisher in Gretna later tonight.
Its been a great week but super hot and humid. I'll try to write more later on somehow or write some letters out. appoligies for anyone who's had to pay extra postage on any letters I've sent. The Rate went up a nickle on me so now its 80cents instead of 75cents for a letter. Sorry!
We'll just wanted to say a quick all is well and I love the letters/pictures from home!
Elder Sunada

A better reply

Hey Everyone!

So We were able to find some time to spend on the computers today to finish up our emails. I had to send some things to Sister Thornock as well so it all worked out well. It is Dumb Hot out here. Yesterday was up to 94F and its going to be around that hot all week long!! Think 33-36C+! Absurd right? Especially because we spend most of our time tracting long roads in hot dress slacks and shirts. I've been trying to keep myself well hydrated but its ridiculous! You can't ever get dry because the humidity is drenching! I don't think I'd be alive right now if there wasn't AC. I don't know how people ever lived without it down here.

We ran into some way sweet Rednecks last weekend. We were tracting and they were sitting out in there back yard drinking a few cold ones. For some reason or another they took a liking to us and we stayed and talked for a good 40 mins, trying to share bits of Gospel as well as listening to some pretty crazy stories. Too funny. Better yet, we were on the same stretch of country road again the next day picking up where we left off and they were out there again! This time they called out to us to come join them. Again we went over and spent a little time talking with them. They said they'd be cooking up some chicken and hot dogs and we should stop by on our way back. So we continued tracting for a few more hours and returned yet again to see them. They provided us with some fresh baked biscuits and a cold pop. Elder Fisher told them what NASCAR really stands for. Non-Athletic-Sport-Created-Around-Rednecks. They loved it! Sadly they like to slow cook their chicken, which would have been super awesome, but we had to get to Lynchburg before it got to late.

Oh man. Lynchburg. Sounds inviting right? It gets better. They have this Liberty University (Think BYU of Baptists), making Lynchburg the Southern Baptist equivalent of Provo. Deep Bible Belt country. Some people consider it to be the Buckle. Everyone within 100 miles seems to be strong baptists. Its Crazy. Back in Roanoke you had a fair smattering of Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Pentecostals, and Jehovah's Witnesses. Actually in Gretna there are a few JW's here too. But yeah. Lynchburg. Heaven help me if I got sent there. You hear some interesting things about Encounters with Liberty students or persons close to the campus. They're all good nice people, but sometimes you feel like wearing a missionary tag just makes you a big target and people lick their lips as you walk to their door. This is the same town that J. Golden Kimball had to swim across the the river as a missionary to avoid being actually "Lynched" by a mob! The hardest part about it is just trying to help people to understand what we actually believe. I'm getting pretty tired of other people telling me what I really believe. Generations of misunderstanding or intentional slander have given us hard barrier to over come. Thankfully back in Gretna its not such a big deal and we've spent enough time helping out around town that the people are all friendly and cordial.

Anyways, Its time to get back out and burn up in the sun! Long walks ahead and another trip to Lynchburg tonight. We have a Zone Conference tomorrow in Buena Vista so we'll drive up with some of the Lynchburg Elders.

Hope everything is doing well back home. Fatty, if you haven't sent a letter From Japan yet, GET ON IT. Or at the very least send along your email address so I can scold you directly.
Elder Sunada