Monday, October 24, 2011

There is a season, Turn Turn Turn‏

Hey Yall!
Good News! I'm Pretty much over my Cold. Bad news. Elder Wilder has been working through his this past week. Which meant another slower week as he needed more rest and we tried to avoid farther spread of the germs. But we did have some good highlights. We were able to do some good yard work this week. Elder Wilder got his education on a ride on lawn mower. I cut the first half of the lot then instructed him on how to do the rest. As I set him out across the field I realized I didn't tell him what to do when he got to the Ditch. Sure enough he tried to go straight down it. Luckily it wasn't to steep and he was able to get it out without damage. I had a pretty good laugh and he did a good Job on the rest. 
The trees are really starting to turn pretty down here. Anther week or tow and they'll be perfect colours. I'm also trying to make a point of Keeping my "U"s in my words so that I can Retain my Canadian Stature. We're hanging out in Lynchburg today with Elder Parker and Taylor. Its nice to have another Canadian around. At least the odds are even and we can hold our own if we get picked on. 
I'm so glad we have a good branch. The members are very good to us. Maybe too much at times. I haven't had to spend much money on food because Our fridge is always full with Leftovers. They also do a great job of helping us out when we need it. Hopefully I can help them out and grow the Branch a little more before I leave. Transfers is coming up pretty soon. Almost 1 full year in Virginia! Wowzas! 
They keep us pretty busy at church too. Yesterday Sis. Tuck had me do a musical number on the Piano again. a Marvin Goldstien arr. of "Lord, I would Follow Thee". Considering the lack of practise i had it went alright. Only 2 small hiccups. Then I taught the lesson in Sunday school. E.Wilder taught Priesthood. But it feels good when they keep us busy. Next week, We both Give 20 min talks! yay. Oh and a Trunk or treat on Friday! I'm dressing up as Elder Wilder wearing his Badge and a fat Poly tie. He'll wear one of my Skinnies. But yeah it should be a better week with both of us feeling better now. 
Love Yall!
Elder Sunada

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Change of Season

Hey Everyone!

Its been a fairly quiet week for us here in Gretna. Last Monday we went Bowling with the Lynchburg Elders. I bowled over 100 again! Hey, its a big deal for me.

I've had a bit of a cold going on this past week which has kept me rather tired. I went to bed before 10:00pm one night!! I don't think thats happened more than twice before on the mission. So I've been getting more sleep in. Taking lots of naps during lunch hours too. I'm just about over it at least so no worries. A lot of people around have been sick lately due to the changing of the seasons. Its made the work a little slower as well unfortunately but we're still finding ways to keep busy.

We had kind of a neat moment the other day too. We were looking for a less active woman who's address doesn't exsist... We knew what street she lived on but there was no house at the number. So we were able to ask a random walking out on the street if he knew where we could find her. He was kinda a sketchy character but he said that he knew her and she lived in a trailer just down the road. We stopped by that day and found no one at home. Then this past week we tried to stop by again. A young man, about our age answered the door. She didn't live there nor did he have any idea who she was. Oh well. But right after we talked to him for a few minutes he invited us in. We had a pretty good conversation with him and he agreed to let us come back and teach him more about the Gospel. So even though somethings don't work out the way you want them too, Heavenly Father always knows where we need to be and who we need to see. Its always a good reminder to us that its his work that we're doing and not ours.

Oh! The Fall season is setting in down here. The Tree's are starting to change colours and the leaves are everywhere. It came a little quicker than I was expecting. I'll try to get some pictures so yall can see what its like.

Friday was a pretty crazy day. We drove over 160 miles to Buena Vista and back for a Zone meeting. I love the Elders and Sisters in our Zone! They are way too funny and cool. Elder Klain of Cardston and I are dreaming of the day when we're both home and will be chillin in Southern Alberta Together. Waterton here we come! When we got back to our area we got a call to help a member move back into the area, but they lived way out in the Boons so we ended up driving another 50+ miles that night! It was pretty crazy but luckily We were able to stop at the Campbells for some great food and company.

I think thats all thats been going on lately. Well I love Yall and Hope to hear from you soon!

Elder Sunada

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy CAN T-Giving!

Hey Everybody!
This week has been pretty crazy. Yet again more Travel and much Service work. Sadly this also meant less teaching. But here's what went down. Monday we went over and Helped out Bro. Covington do some work on his house. Typically you don't do service work on a Pday but the Covingtons are chill enough that even when working Spending time with them is awesome. I call Sis. Covington Mama Covington because she takes such good care of us (feeding, mending clothes, scolding, etc) OH NO! The computer says I have 4 mins! Lame. I'll have to keep this one brief and try to finish tomorrow as I'll have work to do on the computer anyways. 
Thursday we went helped out at a funeral for an Elderly Woman in our Branch. We sang a short number and then helped with serving the Family lunch afterwords. It took the better part of our day to get it all done but we got to talk to a lot of less actives which was great and there were also Funeral Potatoes. You can't be too sad when your eating Funeral Potatoes. 
Well I'll have to finish this story tomorrow Ya'll. Love you much and Catch ya later!
Elder Sunada

Alright, So I have a few minutes to continue on where I left off.

The Weekend was a particularly busy one for us. We stayed in Lynchburg Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Saturday morning we traveled to Buena Vista for President Interviews/ district meeting, and Sunday morning we got a ride from Lynchburg to Lexington with President Fowler for the Stake Conference. It was super awesome as the Majority of the talks were those of either recent converts and reactivated less actives. There were many strong testimonies born and stories of the Miracles that took place for those people to be where they are today. Then the stake President got up and spoke on Honest and Nailed in home. It was pretty intense but I think it was a great reminder for everyone just how important it is to be exactly honest in all of our dealings. President Fowler took us back to his home afterwards where his wife had made us a grand Sunday feast! These southern Biscuits may just be the end of me one of these days...

Monday we stayed up for our P-Day and spent it hanging out with Elder Stucki Who's going home this week. He was part of the other mission before it was joined with ours so his time is up and he's finally going to "the Land of Eternal P-Days". Actually he's pretty bummed that its all over so we tried to console him that at least now he can go hug a girl.

Last night The Smoots fed us again. We pretty much have a standing appointment to eat there on Monday nights. They are so much fun to be around! Sis. Smoot Always makes great home cooked meals. She even remembered to wish me Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! That was really nice and made me feel better about being here in the "Land of the Free and home of the Brave" thing. I was also able to talk to my other Canadian Cohorts in the mission and we offered each other a greeting and some comfort. But it was all good.

I got a letter from home last week with all the family in it! Thanks Guys I love you! Mail has a surprising effect on missionary Moral.

Well I guess that's all I got for now. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Elder Sunada 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pictures/ Come Listen to a Prophets Voice!‏

Hey Everyone!

So its been a fun week of traveling around and gettin er done!  We tried to do some service for a man by helping him Harvest Tobacco... don't ask me because I Don't know. For better or worse we couldn't find him in the Fields so Bro Smoot just showed us how to pic it and Elder Wilder Snagged a few leaves haha. We also put in some more great time at the Nursing home. It can be a lot of fun with some of those people. Your never sure just whats going to come out sometimes!

I'm afraid todays will have to be somewhat short but I wanted to touch on some of the highlights of this weekend.

ITS FINALLY FEELING COLD...ish. Getting down the the low 50's and sometimes even 40's! Feels good :)

Also it was General Conference!! For anyone who hasn't seen it yet I recommend watching it Asap!  I absolutely loved it! There was so much great guidance that I got from it. I love listening to a prophets Voice! Especially because Pres. Monson was so funny. His opening Remarks were this " HELLO. Now who should I call on to substitute for me this morning?" haha but more than that I felt strongly what he said was true. that the change in what the World thinks is morally right is growing rapidly. I see far too many families without Fathers or Mothers. Kids growing up in homes that are broken and destitute. So many don't know how much God loves them and how the Gospel can bless their lives. To have the words of a living Prophet to lead and guide us is such a great blessing! I can't wait to study the conference Ensign in the coming months. I also Loved Sis. Daltons talk on how Fathers should raise their daughters. I know, I've got a few years to go but I felt it was wise council I'll log away till then.

Well I really do have to be running. Love you all!

Thanks to those who've written letters. Each one Brightens my day!

Elder Sunada