Thursday, December 16, 2010

Its Beggening to look alot like Chirstmas!

Howdy Y'all
What another crazy week! Its been pretty sweet though. We've been out doing lot more tracting and trying to visit with people. I Always have a hard time remembering what I wrote in my last letters home and where I should start. So things may not be in Chronological order but I'll just spurt out a few of my highlights.
I love teaching! Well we only have one investigator that I've been teaching but I wait excitedly every week for when we can go visit him. He's this 56 year old black guy who is pretty gansta. Sometimes he wears a wide brim ball cap off to the side of his head. He's a smart guy who knows the Bible Pretty well and really enjoys us coming over to talk to him. He has a baptismal date set for February but we have a lot of work until that point. He likes to challenge us to think alot. I have to be very care full about what I say because he'll always find a way to turn things on your head. Its pretty funny actually. He reminds me of Uncle Jim haha. But we also had a run in to a 17 girl and her mom who we are hopefully going to start teaching this week.
We were putting up Christmas lights for the Anders family. They used to be less active but we got the 10 year old twins baptised just before I entered the area and they've been coming to church. I was the one who got to go up on the roof to hang lights off the eaves trough. I think its pretty smart that we cheat and keep ours up year round at home. It took us two nights to get them all up. On the second day we went over this 17 year old girl named Charlotte came up to us and got all excited! "I love missionaries, you guys are awesome, oh yeah I'm Mormon" as she was smoking a cigarette haha. Apparently she was baptised when she was younger but her mom and her have been inactive for a while. So we stopped by to see them a few days ago and Charlotte is excited to meet with us. The mom probably not so much but We'll see what we can do there.
Oh On Friday we got to go to the Back Creek Wards Christmas party! It was alot of fun! I finally got to meet many of the members of that ward. The funny thing is that nearly everyone is related! Now before you start thinking they all married their own cousins they didn't. That's what happens in West Virginia apparently... I think it works something like It all started at the Ferguson family which had many daughters, who married the Christly's, McBride's, Anderson's and so on. The Youth hate it because all of the other kids in the ward are most likely their cousins (Hence no dating pool). But Most of them are super nice and all are friendly to the missionaries.
We are fed well on a regular basis. The Christmas party was no exception. As part of the program for the evening, and Unbeknown to us, the missionaries are presented with a large gift basket each. Both included gift cards for grocery's, Burger King, Panera Bread (like a fancy starbuckesque Subway) and a joint called Ruby Tuesday, varied candies, a mug with a variety of premium Hot chocolates, and many other goodies. Each basket also had a supper meal. Elder Pendletons had Cans of Chunky soup and crackers, mine had pasta boxes and fancy sauces, a long french loaf, Parmesan cheese, mild Cheddar cheese, a chipotle jack cheese, and a large hickory smoked sausage. I'm sure that there is easily $100 worth in each basket. The people in the area are fairly well off and receiving the baskets filled my heart with joy and gratitude. Also I'm determined to work even harder to help show that I'm worthy of such a grand gift.
Mom will be pleased to know that my Piano playing skills have been in much use on the mission. I had to play a bunch in the MTC. For a while I was the only one in the Zone who could play piano. I later found out that another member of my district could play just fine but didn't bother to let anyone else know! Since being out in the field I've had to play hymns in zone and branch meetings as well I played at a baptism that was set up by the Elders in the Salem Area. I started playing prelude because I thought we were going to start but they were waiting for someone else to show up so I ended up playing for nearly 15 mins, frantically trying to flip to hymns I could play on the spot without biffing! But I've had plenty of opportunity to keep it up, Hymns anyways. If you get a chance copy some Chopin Pieces or anything else out of what we have at home that I used to play.
Yesterday we were invited to go to see a children's Choral Chirstmas Concert! It was Fantastic! When I get home I'm going to try and get in an auditioned choir. I miss Singing alot. You can Let Mrs. Wood know haha! But this week has been a pretty good one. Didn't get any mail from home yet but I'll be keeping a close watch for that package!
I love you all and hope you are all enjoying this Christmas Season as much as I am.
Much Love,
Elder Sunada

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