Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#1...First Week!

Hey Family!
Wow I can't even explain to you how busy I've been since you've dropped me off. It has been non stop classes, teaching, study and eating. Which is good. We've already learned so much. Guess who my companion and roomate is?! Elder Heninger from Magrath!! They put the Canadians together. He is really a cool Elder who's excited about the work and we get along just fine so far.

The rest of my district is awesome as well. I'll discribe how it works a little. Companions are assigned to a district, (there are 11 Elders in our district) then there are 2-3 districts in a Zone. The Zone is actually a branch and who we go to Chuch on Sunday with. Also the Zone is all is the same residence hall so we see each other fairly often. Our district sticks together mostly all the time. We have classes together and our schedules are all the same. Sorry if I'm rushing through this, we only have 30 mins online and my clock reads 23mins left! Within our district a district leader is called. It happend to be a roomate of ours named Elder Gurney. He's the youngest of us having only turned 19 on Nov. 10th, But he is doing a great job at leading the district.

The classes are so intense! The amount of information we're recieving is massive. Even more impressive is that I'm retaining more than I ever think I could have done in school. And I'm enjoying them! Our teachers are experienced and loving, and really do bring the spirit to the class. Thats one thing I've learned I have to rely upon. Without the Spirit attending, I don't retain what I need to know, or work effectivly as I should. For the most part our District is on the ball in our meetings, however we occasionally break out and get a little goofy. We're cautioned not to talk about home to much, as it promotes homesickness and also distracts from studies. We are constantly told that we are working for the Lord now, and its not our time, but his.
As I think about why I'm out here and what I hope to accomplish, I realize that obidence to the rules is essential. Some of them include: Quiet time at 10:15, Lights out at 10:30, Waking up at 6:30, proper dress code at all times, using planning and study time effectively, and on and on. It really is tough to try and keep all these rules, Especially when you can't understand why they are even there. But I'm positive that there is a purpose, and even more importantly, If I want to be the best I can be I need to be obedient. It also ties into what one of our lessons was on this week. Why should your investigators live a law that you do not? We must be examples in all things as we are representatives of Jesus Christ. We wear his name on our tag. We have to keep the all the laws in order to live up to that name.

Oh Here is something that is rather exciting. Yesterday moring before Church, my companion and I were pulled out of personal study to meet with a member of the Branch Presidency. As we walked in the room I saw on the desk a binder reading: Zone Leaders Manuel. And our suspitions where confirmed when we were told that we had been assigned to that position. The purpose of Zone leaders in the MTC is to Love, Lift encourage and inspire all the Elders in our Branch, as well as take care of other matters in the building and duties for the branch Presidency. Its Crazy! We haven't even been here a week yet and we have been called to lead our Zone in order and righteousness. But I feel like I can handle it. I know its going to be tough, as now we must complete other duties on top of thoes we already have. A task that is difficult seeing as even though I try to use all my time effectivly I still find I'm always short on studing what I need too. Also its our job to take care of all the new Missionaries coming in this week and next. We have to complete the same job of orientation that was presented to us just a few days ago! Things move quickly here. Maybe Brian was right, its not always a good Idea to pray for humility.

Aside from all the business and crazyness of everything that I am doing, I am loving it here. I feel better than I ever have. I know this is where I need to be. I'm learning to pray more earnestly. I'm hungering after the scriptures. In our roleplay with investigators I'm becoming concerned and moved by them. I know I have a lot of work to do but I feel that if I'm Faithful I'll get it all done. I Love and miss you all from home! And am so grateful that you supported me from the beggining in my decision to serve. Next week I'll try to give you more details about what the faculties are actually like here but I'm running out of time. Lets just say that for now the food is dece, the showers aren't as bad as I was expecting, and Its like no other place on earth.

With much love,
Elder Sunada

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