Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Half way through the MTC!‏

Wow. These last 12 days or so have flown by like crazy. The days here seem long, but the weeks are short. This past week I've been dealing with a pretty messed up cold. right now I don't have much of a voice. So I've been taking vitamin substances and other medications trying to fight it off. So I survived my first real week as a Zone leader. Its been a struggle I'm not gunna lie. When called to the postition we were to be examples of Perfect missionaries. This is not as easy as it seems. Particularily near bed time. I try to make sure I have enough time to write in my journal but I've missed a few days thus far. The Good news is my teaching is improving! Its strange how you can get in a room and not know what to say, then if your listening to the spirit words fly out of your mouth!
Perhaps I should tell a little more about the MTC. Mornings always start at 630am or sometimes sooner. We have Gym once a day where we can either play a few sports or run track and lift weights. The meals are dece so far. Though I'm not sure if its because its American, or if its because its cafeteria food that everything just tastes sub par next to Canadian food. I'm trying to educate some of the Elders here on the proper use of the word "Eh" though they're still kinda missing the point. I also get alot of flack for my little Canadian flag, but If anyone tries to take it down I'll Fight them. Classes are way cool! We are taught in our districts meeting in the same little room everyday often twice a day for up to 3 hours at a time. One of two teachers then takes us over the lesson material which is normally some teaching techniques, church docterine, or other helpful tips they can show us. My Zone is part of the Pilot program, meaning we're testing out a new curicumlum which the whole MTC will be doing come May. The Biggest difference is the emphisis on teaching. For instance, all other missionaries teach 6 lessons at the Teaching resources center whereas we will be teaching 24! This means that it will be harder for us here but Much better in the field. I feel blessed to be in the program. And also to have the teachers that we do. Brother Taylor is 67, and used to preside over the Las Vegas mission. He's one of the ones who helped develope the program and I have learned a great deal from his style of teaching. Our other teacher is Sis. Payne, who got back from her mission 2 years ago and has lots of useful insight on how to apply the things we're teaching to our investigators.
OH! Being an international Missionary means that I was privileged to go to the Salt Lake Temple last friday!!! It was soo cool! Its absolutely beautiful. As well we got to tour the temple grounds. In the tabernacle they were doing a organ recital. I've never appreciated the organ so much. The sound that the Tabernacle creates is full of overtones and the sound hits you from all points of the room. Then we got to see the Chistus Statue in the Visitor center. Over this past week especially I've grown to understand and learn more about the Saviors atonement. In fact it opened my mind to see just how little I understood about it. The tour was short as we had to get back on the bus  and back at the MTC before 1:30, but I got to meet Elders serving from Canada, Tonga, Germany, Norway and a bunch of other cool places around. A sister was also kind enough to take a picture or two of me because I had neglected to bring my camera. I gave her my address so she can send them to me later though.
After getting back from that we had an interesting incident within the District. A member of our district had a break down. He was very upset that he felt he was not doing well enough and that the lesson had not gone the way he'd wanted too. He takes things very personally. He's of polynesian decent and he's the most passionate member of our district. The Moment we heard he was having a problem we all rushed to see him. Just then Elder Mauo'if'e (spelt something like that) came around the corner and met him. As soon as I saw him I was greatly comforted as I knew he was the only one at that time who could reach out to our strugleing companion. He was comforted and given a blessing and has seen dramatic improvment since. To me it was a testimony of how the Lord looks after his children. I've also learned that because we don't think we are as talented as others, it doesn't mean the Lord doesn't need the talents and skills and personalitys that we have to do what he wants us to do. This Elder may not have been the best teacher, but I know he has more love and spirit than Anyone else in the District. He will be a great missionary.
Anyways my times Almost up. I still love it here and hope to improve even farther! OH! I have almost no mailing adresses. So I need people to either write me a letter or send me their address. All I have is our home one! Hopefully this gets posted to the blog too as I don't have time to write more than one email of this length. I hope everything is goig well at home. I can't wait to hear from all of you! I'm going to get started on writing some letters as I don't have near enough time to email. But I'll do what I can. I love you all very much and keep you in my prayers.
Elder Sunada

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  1. We're glad to know that Kurt (Elder Sunada--I'll have to get used to that) is having a great spiritual experience and a great time at the MTC. He's a great example to my Wesley who will be in Kurt's shoes in just four short years. We will make reading Kurt's blog and writing to him a part of our Sunday routine. We're very excited for him!

    -Veronica Holt