Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This past week has consisted of more meetings and a few exchanges. We had our 3rd ZLC on Tuesday which meant another long day of driving, but this time I didn't have to drive so I just slept in the back. President once again blew our minds with some intense doctrine. It focused a lot on Hope, Faith and Charity but in a way that I'd never comprehended before. He gave us some handouts so we wouldn't have to take notes but I wish I had so I could remember how to relate the points. I've probably now taken more notes during meetings than I did in all 3 years of High school. Following the meeting we went on exchanges with the assistants. I got to go with our newest assistant, ELDER KLAIN!! It was the best exchange ever. The only problem is that it was too short. Elder Klain (From Cardston) had been made an assistant the Sunday prior to ZLC and this was his first exchange in that capacity. He's got a big task ahead of him as both of the other assistants die at the end of this transfer (Aug 22nd) and he'll have the responsibility of learning everything before then and training another assistant. We've already determined that we're going to be friends for life and live up life back in Alberta when our time is up. 

On Friday we had another meeting which lasted 3 hours down in Lynchburg, then I went on exchange with Elder Stoven to Roanoke. Its kinda funny to be back in places that are so familiar. We even got to visit one of the back creek families while doing YSA work which was a pretty sweet treat. I only wish I had more time to see them all but sadly that's not the nature of my current calling. 

Aside from all of that I don't think to much else happened this week. oh! We did meet one less active YSA that we've been trying to contact for a few months. It was awesome because he's a huge out door guy and we were able to talk about crazy mountain adventures and what kind of gear he was rocking. He was excited to take us out in the backwoods here, which I'm way down for. Hopefully Next Monday we'll go out with him and I'll be able to write you about it. 

Well, Sounds like the Crew's ready to rock so we'll catch ya'll later!
Elder Sunada

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