Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Youth Conference

Good Grief what a week! Its been a busy one! Lots of meetings. Lots of
events! This will have to be a short email however.

We had our Photo night on campus Saturday! It was turned out well! Except
for the turnout that is... We didn't get as many families out as we were
hoping to, but what we did have worked out well and we were able to have
some small miracles work out of it. For instance, we found a  less active
YSA girl by chance. She wasn't even there for a photo! But we were able to
get to know her and she welcomed us to come by and visit sometime.
Also did our gig for the Buena Vista Stake Youth Conference. Had 4 classes
of youth come through and we taught for 45 mins. I feel like it went pretty
well and a few of the Youth had some really good responses.

Found out in President interviews that Elder Gurney and I will be split at
the end of this Transfer (22nd), but both staying in the area. That way we
will both get one incoming Elder and know the area well enough to get work
done. We'll still be living in the same apartment so its all good.

Sorry this has to be short. I'm loving these days more and more. I want you
all to know that I love the Lord and all that He's done for me. He Truly
answers prayers and is Mindful of us all.

Till Next time!
Elder Sunada

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