Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm going WHERE?!‏

Wow. Busy Week. Long Week. Much Happened. Much yet to Happen.

So Last Monday Elder Wiederholt and I went on Exchanges. We Spent that night, Tuesday, Wednesday and  Thursday Morning together. Tuesday he was able to give Tiffiney her interview for baptism. Wednesday we both Got up at 2:50am and Drove to Roanoke, then caught the Van up to Charleston. I actually managed to stay awake the whole trip up and back. Dozed a few times in the meeting but besides that I didn't get sleep till 12am that night! We got home just a little after 11PM. It was such a great meeting though! There were trainers from the MTC who flew out and taught us how we could improve the mission. After that meeting my Philosophy on many areas of Missionary work changed. I've got a way better sense of my purpose now. I know how to make Weekly goals happen through Daily Action. And I'm finally seeing why and how the things I've been taught and been teaching to Elder Bolan can be so effective when done properly. It was so cool and I'm excited to see changes across the mission! There was also nearly a Third of the mission there if no a little more so I got to see some old Friends again including Elder Pendleton (My Trainer) and Elder Partridge, who as it turns out is going to be the new zone Leader here! It was a great Trip and I'm so happy I was able to go and learn so much.

Friday was the Big Day for Tiffiney. Big day for us too. Thank heavens for the Branch members who helped out so much in getting things ready. It was the first time a Baptism actually happened in the Area I'm serving in while I was there! So I learned how to do all the Paper work and such. Tiffiney asked President Fowler to Baptize her which was way cool cause he's helped her so much and she said He never forced her to do anything but was always there to help her. He's so great!

Also on Sunday the Lot fell to me to confirm her a member of the Church and Give her the Holy Ghost. That was pretty sweet and something I'd never done before but it wasn't as scary as I would have thought at the Beginning of my mission. I've become quite comfortable now giving blessings and serving in that capacity. So we had a great week all in all.

I suppose your all now wondering where it is they'll be sending me...Well I got the Call and.....I'm going to Gretna!!! haha That's right had you all fooled. Had me fooled too. I'd packed up my desk and nik nacks. Small task mind you. Elder Bolan will be going to Peterstown WV, Which is awesome because I've heard great things about the place. But I'm totally cool with Staying another in Grenta! I've got much left to do here and I'll be getting Elder Wilder, Who I'm told is a very fun guy, to finish up what I've started. I'm super stoked! its going to be a great Transfer I'm sure!

So Don't worry My address will stay the same and I'll be here till I hit my Year mark 6 weeks from now...WHOA.

Till next week, LOVE YALL!
Elder Sunada

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