Monday, September 12, 2011

On the Road again...

Alrighty, well I've got a busy week lined up! But first I'll do a brief recap on last week.

We've had a pretty good week of meeting with people and getting things ready for Tiffiney's Baptism. We were able to get in contact with and meet with some people that have fallen off the Radar for a while. Sometimes as a missionary there's so much going on that you get overrun and don't know who to see, or who even wants to see you. But I've been surprised more often than not that when I put forward the faith to go and see someone who I don't think really wants us there they often are excited to see us and wonder where we've been. Its a huge blessing and relief and I'm making better efforts not to get those ideas in my mind and just let the Lord direct me where to go.

We spent a day of service at the Campbells. They're so Awesome! Sis. Campbell is a hard worker who's always busy running around doing something (she's also the Relief Society Pres.) Bro Campbell is always good to talk to for a laugh and to make you feel welcomed. Bruce...haha I'm going to miss him too when I get sent out of here. He Keeps me on my toes. He's got smart aleck remarks like Dad which make me feel more at home as well.

Friday was another trip to Buena Vista for a Zone Meeting, Where I was informed I would be heading to Charleson WV for a special leadership training this Wednesday. A good chunk of the mission is going to be there, which is awesome because I love seeing other Elders I've worked with before. Apparently they're flying in some people from the MTC to brief us on some of the changes being made in the missionary program and how we can help transition that in. I'm stoked to get back to Charleston or West Virginia in General. That news made this coming week all the more busy. Today Elder Bolan will be going to Lynchburg on Exchanges and Elder Wiederholt will be spending today, tomorrow, travel on Wednesday and Thursday morning with me. Super long Exchange but we figured it'd make sense since we'll both be going to Charleston. The one thing that is a little messed up is that its a Leadership Training... As of yet I've only been a trainer. News like this is questionable especially when Transfers are the next week. (which reminds me no Email till Tuesday next week)

This may then be my last week in Gretna. I've grown attached to the people here and the quiet lifestyle of the country. There is a chance I could stay but I'm kinda Doubting it at the moment. I wouldn't mind it at all if I stayed but if the Call goes to go elsewhere then I'll be stoked for that as well.

Oh yeah, BAPTISM THIS FRIDAY! Yay! I'm so Excited for Tiffiney. She's changed so much since I met her and I see how much the gospel has changed her life. Its wonderful. Farther happiness and blessings await her I know it! I'll be sure to let Ya ll know how it goes next week.

Till then, Much Love
Elder Sundad

PS. New exciting Letter Policy! Anyone who writes me a letter this month will get a prompt Reply and a limited edition picture! Limited time offer so get those letters rollin!

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