Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just A short one!‏

Hey Everyone!
This week will have to be a short one due to the Holiday monday and I'm trying to write this at a members before Dinner time!
Its been a great week! We had some great lessons and a great Fast Sunday meeting where many great testimonies were born. Elder Bolan and I also got to go to Sharing time in Primary to help out on a missionary lesson! I miss being around the kids! Even though that primary was pretty small (only 2 kids in attendance that day) it was still awesome to relive some of those long lost memories. 
Today we did another Photo Shoot with Sis. Joiner from the Lynch 1st ward. Photos of that will be posted some time or another soon hopefully so I'll keep you updated. It was a great chance to spend time with Elder Jensen and Elder Parker. Elder Jensen is of course from Lethbridge and Elder Parker is from Fort McCloud area so we all know people and places in Common back home. Elder Parkers even been through Gargantua cave so we had a good time reminiscing about that. We Also decided to spend some time shopping around at Burlington Coat factory trying on different styles just for kicks and looking through discounted ties. Ties are a big commodity to Elders and trading can be fierce for a nice one. I'm hounded for some of the nice ones I have. I think my collection thus far runs around 50 or so but some elders exceed 200. 
We have a solid baptism set for Sept 16 for Tiff and we're super excited for her! 
Well I really hate to cut this one short but know that I love you all and I'll try to make up for the lack later on. Perhaps I'll get a small chance tomorrow but if not, I'll be sure to do a proper fill in next week!
Elder Sunada

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