Monday, November 7, 2011

Mmm That's good stuff...‏

Hi Everybody!

This has been another good service week for us. We've been helping The Smoots chop wood several days and getting in a good work out while were at it! In Fact, We decided to spend the better part of our P-Day today helping some more. It always feels good to put on a pair of work gloves and just "Get 'er Done!" My experience of cutting down tree's at LaFarge has come in handy as well. Everytime I pick up a chainsaw I think "yeah, I could be a lumberjack." But I've also had to learn how to cope with the hardwoods out here. It takes a little more"Umphff" To get through some of them. Last week one log in particular got the better of me. It was being stubborn and I couldn't get it to crack or stick enough to drive it with the sledge hammer. I kinda got into a frenzy swinging as hard as I could at the same spot. This mini rage got the better of me and my accuracy was off. I swung a little to far ahead and the handle hit the log breaking off the wedge. I was just a little upset about the whole ordeal. But I learned that sometimes its just not worth it to get too worked up over a little stump. I felt a little better when this morning Elder Wilder did pretty much the same thing and broke his axe handle.

Last Friday night the Covingtons took us out to a real Southern Restaurant which featured good ole country style cooking. Yes, there was fried chicken, Fried Fish, Biscuits, Buttery mash Potatoes and BBQ Ribs. But There was also some other things that I'd never seen before. Try Pork feet for instance. Pretty much from the Elbow of the hog down, just boiled I think. Tasty right? Well you know I had to try some, cause I'll try just about anything once, and there might now be another time to try this so what the heck. It was very fatty. Lots of Cartilage and goupy tissue. In the Heel I did find some meat that was a little more palatable though. I tried to eat as much of the Non-Fat parts as I could. Apparently people who like it will suck everything off down to the bone. Mmm. Then Brother Covington coaxed me into trying one of his favourite dishes. Its called Souse (pronounced Sao-se) meat. Its served in little inch sized cubes and looking at it is a mixture of pink and white gelatinous mass. Wanna Guess what it is? More pork feet. Just ground up and pickled or something. This was a little more hard to get down. I had to pull a bone out, gag twice and drink a glass of water to swallow. Interesting aftertaste as well. Gotta Love that country cookin!

So I'm still learning a lot about the south. Another fun Family is the Rainville's, who are originally from the New England area. I think the Cockney accent is awesome! One of these days I'll have to make a trip back down here and swing by the North East Just to see how things are different up there.

But I think thats all thats going on this week. I'm going to plan on getting some new investigators in the upcoming weeks. I'm excited to do some more teaching and hope that we'll be blessed in our finding but We'll just have to see how things pan out. Holiday season gets people busy so I hope that by having a bunch of names to go visit at least one of them will always come through.

Love you all! Enjoy the Good Eats back home!
Elder Sunada

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