Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy (American) Turkey day!‏

Hey Everybody!
So I'm back in Lynchburg for Pday, meaning I'm using junky computers 
with limited time so it may be a shorter one. As aformentioned, it was
the American Thanksgiving weekend and I Got STUFFED. So much food! But
Good Food! And I think I'm going to have to go on a diet now haha.
Well maybe I'll just work better at controling my portion size, Until
Christmas that is. 
We spent Thursday partying and eating with the
Rainvillies who had a bunch of their family over. We were able to play
games (it was P-day because we sacrificed time on Monday for it) eat
more food, and just relax. But we were also able to give Bro.
Rainvilles grandaughter a blessing so we made use of it anyways!
Friday we had a district meeting in Lynchburg and were supposed to
have an appointment right afterwards, but it fell through. It actually
worked well because then we were invited to the Campbells family
gathering in Lynchburg for MORE FOOD. 
Yep, I'm going to start running
I think. And I'll have to run now because its going to clock me out in
15 secs.
ELder Sunada

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  1. Elder Sunada, Thanks so much for calling us today and letting us know of you leaving. We will miss you greatly,you have a sweet spirit and you take great joy in doing the Lords work of service and being so kind to the families here in Gretna. Although we live out here in the boonies. But there are even those of us who live farther away then others and enjoy the spirit of having the missionaries.Thanks for being so kind to our family even though they seem to be caught up in the world right now I feel there will come a time for them that will be in the Lords time and that will certainly work itself out.This is why I love to have the missionaries in our home where this part of the missionaries maybe able to bring a little spark back around to them, which you did, thank you for that. Elder Sunada please do if you can and have the time to stay in touch. We love you and wish you well in West Virginia.Sorry I couldn't get to do more for you while you were here. God Bless You and the work you will be doing in West Virginia, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. I will keep you in my prayers. Love The Rainvilles