Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day in Primary

Hey Everybody!
Happy Belated Mothers day! We had a pretty interesting Mothers Day at church actually. A few weeks ago the Bishop asked the Relief Society what they wanted for Mothers Day. Flowers? No, they just die after a few weeks. Chocolate? NOO. After this he was stumped. He described their request as such:
"We want the men to take over all the callings in Third hour of Church so we can have a light lunch and talk (or have a gab fest)". And that's what we did. The men Manned the Primary and the Nursery while the Women had a break. I think they had a nice time. The Women that is. This wards Primary consists of about 51 kids. Most of them are pretty good but there are a few rowdy ones. The missionaries were divided up with other priesthood holders to help maintain order in the class, or at least keep crowd control. Thank Heavens I had a Mother who made sure I learned to play piano and I was assigned to singing time with the older kids. And aside from a few unwanted hands messing up my keyboard I did just fine. Elder Squires is now convinced however that he is not ready for kids.
Also I got to call home and talk to my family, for the last time...on the mission anyways. It was good to hear all the news first hand. Sounds like Steve's Wedding went off great! Welcome to the Family Kim! I would have talked to those bums too but it sounds like they were still honeymooning in the Caribbean. But I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to catch up in 6 months.
The work this week... Was really slow. Every appointment we had fell through. Seriously. Every. Stinking. One. We didn't get to teach a lesson to any investigators. We knocked streets for hours and no one let us it. Hopefully this is just an unlucky stint and things will pick up again this week. So not much to report there.
I think I'll have to cut this one short as it seems the rest of my Posse is ready to head out. I love y'all and Wish you the best!
Elder Sunada

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