Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Short email and roadkill

Hey Everyone! 

I've been working on uploading pictures when I realized that I only have 8 mins left to write a letter! So Its going to be Short, But there are pictures!

Its been a much better week after a week of investigatorial Drought. Thank heavens! We stared teaching an 17 year old kid who never grew up with a religious background but believes there is a God. After sharing a little of the Plan of Salvation with him we invited him to pray and he gave a super sincere prayer to know the Truth! Big Win! Then, we had an appointment Cancel on us, but decided to go try a family that had a maybe a sliver of potential. Well, We didn't quite get there because a young family stopped us on their lawn on the way over. He was a self proclaimed Heathen, but with a heart of Gold. She bore a solid testimony of God and told us how she was searching for Wisdom and Guidance on how to follow in Gods path. HELLO! They also have a 3 month old girl whom they both adore. Its so exciting to have some people to teach, and not just anyone, but those who've been prepared by the Lord and are ready to listen with open hearts :)

Looks like my time is up. Love Yall!
Elder Sunada

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