Monday, May 7, 2012


So the Heat and Humidity have returned down here in West By God Virginia. And luck would have it that it was our week for the bikes as the worst of it hit. Temperatures into the 90 f (+30C) with high humidity kept us sweating standing still in the shade. I think the worst of it is just getting used to it. After a few days it starts to feel more normal, but the moment you enter into an air conditioned house the difference becomes apparent. 
I probably should have taken a few more precautions in biking around under these conditions. Elder Penn and I were out for 5 hours on bikes without getting in any doors. I started to notice he was unusually slow. When we stopped he was showing signs of heat stroke, so we went to a members to cool off in the shade and get a Popsicle. We got teach a short lesson to the Kids too, which happened to be one of the more productive happenings of our afternoon.

Though we've been putting in more hours with less success, I don't feel discouraged. I think we've been blessed pretty heavily in the Past by the Lord and now he's just letting us learn the value of hard work. We've found a few potentials to teach, Handed out a few copies of The Book of Mormon, and weeded through some of our other investigators to increase our focuses. It just feels good to be out working and doing what I can. The results will follow if we're persistent. Or the Lord will direct us in what we need to change to find the Elect.
Missionary work is always a dynamic thing. There is constantly something to improve upon, or a new idea to try. What works well in one instance might flounder in another. Though its challenging to know whats best to do in a given situation, I'm grateful that all of us, not just missionaries, have the Gift of the Holy Ghost to help us make the right choice. The condition being we must first be willing to do what it takes so that we can feel His influence in our lives. This past week I experienced how the Holy Ghost helped me navigate through a seemingly impossible situation. Though the experience is to personal to share publicly, I know that with Heavens help, we are never left alone. I love you all and pray for you always because I know my prayers are heard :)

Elder Sunada

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