Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Covering New Ground

Hey Everybody!

Wow I'm Tired. I could really use a nap right now. So the reason why this email is getting out a little late today is because Last night a member invited Elder Pendleton and I to go on a hike this morning. It was short notice but I was game. So we reversed our schedules and did our activity first and now are trying to get everything else done before we go back to work tonight.

He took us up part of the Appalachian trail to a peak called McAfee's Knob. It was a decent little jaunt over a few of the old stony mountains which was about an 7 mile round trip. It felt Great to get some real rock under my feet again and even more so to finally get out of the valley to a vantage point and see exactly where I've been all this time. Granted these are no Rockies. But they do, in their own Sublime way, have a beauty and peace about them. I was Kind of bummed out when I saw a guy climbing up a massive rock slab in a pair of 5-10 Climbing shoes. I have a pair back home that I bought before coming out and never got a chance to wear them! Frustrating, but it will be something to look forward too. Just keep in mind, I'll be needing a climbing partner in about two years.
Anyways, This past week went by rather fast. Last Monday we decided to go bowling again. This time the new Sister Missionaries in the area Joined us. Sis. Theut from Las Vegas Beat Elder Pendleton one round. He didn't take it well. He can't stand the thought of losing to girls. Its bad enough when he loses at anything but he has a particular belief that he can beat any girl in the world at Basketball in one on one and is entirely convinced about it. Now whether thats true or not I don't know but in any case I was glad to see him humbled about it. He still hates it when I bring it up haha.

Tuesday was a day of moving people. The Sisters where Moving apartments, and we also got a call to help another family move in that same day. The only sad thing about that was the place we moved them into. It was.....uninhabitable by most peoples standards. Located in a shady part of Vinton, above a Tattoo parlor. But they seemed happy with it because their dog was allowed. People and their dogs... Good Grief. I still like dogs, But like the mail man, I've also got my reasons to despise them. Actually the seeing Eye dog that lives upstiars from me is the best and I play with her quite a bit. All you Dog lovers out there, PLEASE. Train your dog not to bark or growl at strangers.

Wednesday was my first official Zone conference. President came down and so did the Assistants. They shared some great messages and any opportunity to see President is welcome. He is the Man!

The rest of the week was back to our normal routine. Back to teaching and working with members. Pres. McBride took us to the hospital one night to visit some members who were there. That was awesome. It was two older ladies who'd lived super righteous lives it sounds like. One was a convert when she was young. She told us she always had a soft spot for missionaries. Even though we never met her before she beamed at the whole time through bright blue eyes. Even though both of them were not at the best of life and health, it was clear to see how the Gospel and their faith in their Redeemer gave them strength and kept their spirits lifted all the while.

Sunday was a pretty fun day as well. It was, after all, SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! which means very little to me seeing as I've never been a football fan nor did I really know anything about either team playing. But you could tell there was a certain anxiety around certain members. Too funny. Church was awesome as well. Fast and Sunday in the Back Creek Ward has been pretty powerful the last two times I've been there. That night we spent time with a Family from that ward that night teaching their Daughter who is getting ready to be baptised after she's 8. She's such a great example to me in how eager she is to read the scriptures and be part of that wonderful ordinance. We stayed there the rest of the night in order to stay away from the football Madness.
Spent time singing with EMILY and MADY while they sang and played piano.

All in all a great week!

Elder Sunada

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