Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

So this will have to be a quick one.

We drove a man to the hospital today which kinda cut into our email time, but I figured him getting his heart checked out was more important haha. Wow So the past few days its been above 60 degree's here, which is just a little messed up to me. meanwhile I'm hearing reports of Record setting snow fall else where in the country! Did they really send me to the right place? haha I still think so even though I'm missing that snow.

Well lets see, This past week has been a little slow in terms of working with investigators. Aside from Crawford and one other couple we were referred to I don't think we taught any other investigators. We did however do a lot of work and driving around in the Back Creek Area. Met with a lot of in actives and set up some appointments for this coming week which is good. Also we've been getting a lot of lessons in with members. Really Members are the best resource we have for finding people to teach. When we show up on people's doors they've been taught that we are a cult or something to that effect. But when people come in contact with members in the work place or in the community they normally figure out we're not AS crazy as most people think haha. So we've been having a lot of fun with the families in the wards teaching and sharing uplifting messages.

The other reason we've been visiting families this week is because Elder Pendleton is pretty sure he's being transferred out on the 23rd. Its not a 100% for sure but its common convention in the mission that when your training someone you'll work with them for 2 transfers then leave them the area. That reminds me, Being transfer week our P-Day has been shifted to Tuesday so I won't have an email out till then. They're a lot of great families in the area who are awesome to the missionaries and love to have us over.

Probably the highlight of this week was Sunday. Lets just Say I love the Primary kids. We were invited into the Primary room at the end of class. They didn't say why, so I was kinda worried they were going to have us stand up and give an impromptu message on missionary work. But to my great surprise, Each of the Primary kids had made a valentine's card for us from that ward. It was too Precious. I stood their as they all clamored to the front, holding out their big red Cards which they had laboured on diligently for us. Some of them were pretty impressive. It was too cute as a few of them would timidly get up to add theirs to the pile, then after depositing the card, would grin and scurry back to their seats shyly. I wasn't expecting to get any valentines this year. Didn't figure they'd do me any good seeing as clearly I wouldn't even be on a date in the next 21 months. But I don't think you get many valentines better than these.

The Rest of Sunday we visited three more Awesome Families and went home feeling fulfilled. Don't know what this next Transfer is going to bring but I think I'll be ready for it. One thing is for sure that its always exciting out here.

Elder Sunada


Bro Shorter

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