Monday, February 28, 2011

Transfer Week (Enter Elder Conger)

Hey Everyone!

What a crazy last week. So many changes. So busy. So tired. But Content. So Elder Pendleton was transferred out early Wednesday morning. We had to get up at 4:45. Due to the packing and having other missionaries stay at our place I was up till nearly 1:30 that morning. So it was a fun start. After he Boarded the shuttle back to Charleston I went with Elder McKee of the Salem elders as his companion was leaving too. I was sad to see Elder Pendleton go. Being the first companion I've had in the field I wasn't sure what it would be like having anyone different. But Luckily I got Elder Conger, Who is a pretty cool Elder. He's from Orem Utah and only about 5"11 so we finally see eye-to-eye haha. He's a hard worker and is really good at keeping the schedule, which is good and just what I needed. I'm finally getting some value out of our morning work our routine. Except for this morning when I knelt down to pray at 6:31 and said "Amen" at 7:04. I wish I was that righteous but I think the more likely conclusion is I had a nap during prayers.... But Most mornings are much better is the point!

So the majority of the week as been helping him get settled in, meeting members, learning the area and a few teaching appointments. Its been great because this has given me a great opportunity to meet with church leadership about how we can do better in our missionary assignments and help the wards with theirs. The Bishop's and ward mission leaders down here are outstanding and do a great job in helping us and keeping us busy with certain families.

I've been enjoying trying to explain how all the families are connected to each other to Elder Conger. This week we visited 5/6 Bohon Families and a few of the Ferguson's. Moving into a new area is tough because of the vast amount of information people you meet all at once. I know I'm going to struggle when I get transferred out of here so I'm trying to help him as best I can.

The Zone has shifted around quite a bit too. About half of the Missionaries have now changed around in our little zone so there are a lot of new Elders to meet and get to work with. Elder McKee got a Greenie! And I really like the new zone Leader Elder Leah. He's originally from England though he lived in Utah for a few years prior to coming out. He's so solid. By the book but thats just the way it should be. I remember him from my second day out in the mission when he came up to me and told me how excited he was that I was here. Super nice, Hard working, and a fellow foreigner! So I'm excited for all of the new changes that have happened and I'm trying to keep the best parts of all the people I come into contact with out here.
I hope all is well at home. I'd write more but I'm out of time!
Love you all and Can't wait to hear from people back home.!!
Elder Sunada

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