Monday, February 28, 2011

Life in Transition (powaqqatsi)

Its finally P-Day. Waiting that Extra day sometimes makes a big difference when your waiting to hear word from Family and Friends. Its also the Day before Transfers. We found out that Elder Pendleton is being transferred to Sissonville West Virginia. So he's leaving the promised land of the mission early tomorrow morning. He's been a good Trainer and I've learned a lot from him. I'll be sad to see him go because we worked pretty well together and now I'll have to learn how to work with someone else but I guess that's just how life rolls out here in the mission field. My new companion will be Elder Conger from somewhere in Utah. I knew I'd have to get a Utah Elder sometime or another. Its inevitable. Though I'm actually pretty excited. I'll give y'all and update next week on what he's like.
Elder Pendleton had a pretty good idea he'd be getting transferred out so we've been visiting a lot of family's and investigators just to say goodbye and get one last picture with them. It kinda made me sad because we've both grown to love the people here so much and to leave will be heart wrenching. I'll be here at least another six weeks but beyond that who knows! So We've had some pretty interesting visits.
This past weekend was also stake conference! And I got to go to the Adult session for the first time. I loved it even though most of the talks really didn't apply to me at the time (How to raise your kids in a loving environment, setting sights on the temple, Ect.) We also got Jason and Kim out to that church for the first time during that Session! WHOOHOOO! Its about time. They've been really sincere the whole time about coming but something always comes up. The Sunday before last for instance Jason didn't make it because his tire was flat. Now normally when you hear something like that as a missionary you know people are trying to avoid you. But as it turns out one of his neighbors got made and decided to slash his tire, which is why they also decided to move out of their current apartment. This is good news because the place they moved into is much nicer, out in the country and way safer for when their baby arrives. The Sad news, They moved so far out that they are only barely Salem's boundaries. I really hope that I'll be able to do exchanges and visit them like that but for now they have been passed over to the Salem Elders. They said they'd call me up when the baby was born though as the hospital is still in my area :)
Earlier in the week we also were able to work with President Thornock, who was in town for the conference. He even called one morning to inform us that he and Sister Thornock would be joining us for companionship study that morning. Luckily the apartment wasn't in to much disarray and we had a very enjoyable visit with them. About ten Minutes after they left however they called and said they'd forgotten to tell me something so they were returning. President then informed me that Grandpa Sunada had passed away. I was shocked, but it wasn't a total surprise. He was nearly 87 and had been experiencing some problems within the last few months. I was sad to hear of his passing, but upon saying a prayer I felt that Heavenly Father had things under Control. Because of the Gospel I know that I'll see him again. I'm so grateful for this knowledge and the strength it gives me to carry on. Sometimes I don't think I fear death enough, and perhaps I should a little more the next time I'm standing on the edge of a 5 story building, But in any case death is only a temporary separation. Its great to be able to share that knowledge with others as it can comfort them as it has me. Its the same reason that I know Ross has been able to do so well when his Mother Passed away. He knows he'll see her again. I know it. I want the world to know it. But I'll have to worry about teaching the people of the Virginia's for now. One lesson at a time.
I hope everyone back home knows how much I love and care about them. Grandpa will always be alive to me, both in memory and spirit. I'm very proud to Share his name where ever I go.

Elder K. Masato Sunada

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