Monday, March 28, 2011

Ah man...Not Again!!

So last Tuesday we had picked up the Salem Elders for a meeting, had a nice lunch with them and then while we were driving back to drop them off...Got rear ended! Minor Damage. Everyone was ok. We were at the front of a 4 car pile up. But most importantly, IT WASNT OUR FAULT AND I WASN'T DRIVING :D.

On a two lane highway a car in front of us had stopped to turn left, so we stopped behind it, as did the car behind us, the next two cars however were following too close and we got rammed from behind. The funny thing was that we had just dropped off the check for the last accident repair THAT MORNING. What a drag. But we managed alright and besides putting a stutter in our days plans we managed alright.

This past week was not a typically exciting week aside from that. We had a good schedule with lots of appointments and things to keep us busy, but nothing to spectacular to speak of. I'm really excited to keep working with Emery, The older Gentleman I told you about last week. He's very interested in learning more and has sincere desires to know the truth. Really thats all anyone needs. We are just trying to help people to find out if our message is true or false. It matters less about "I think this" or "Well you think that" Because thats all opinion. Truth is just what things are. If people would talk to us with that in mind and really just have a desire to know the truth then things would be so much easier for us, and them! As just about any missionary will tell you, bickering about points of doctrine don't get you far, its about having true and earnest desires to find out what God wants for his children, or finding out if there is a God. But yes I'm excited to continue teaching seekers of the truth!

Also I'm getting really excited about this upcoming week. I've already got half of the week planned out, which is good because it means we wont have to spend time thinking of how best to use time! And Also we have General Conference this week and its going to be Awesome!! To make it any more awesome than that, Kim and Jason should be getting baptized Between the morning and afternoon session of conference and I'll get to see them go under! THEN WATCH MORE CONFERENCE! -As a missionary it doesn't get much better than this so I'm pretty excited for that- I hope everyone at home gets a chance to watch it and to hear what a Prophet of God has been directed to say about whats going on in the world and what we need to do to overcome it.

But my times out for the day so I'll get going.
I love you all! Miss Everyone Tones!
Hope to hear from Yall Soon!

Elder Sunada

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