Monday, March 14, 2011

I love people! just not their dogs....‏

What exciting news I've been hearing from home. People getting home and leaving for missions all over! I can't believe Logan will be home and Tyler is already there! What madness! it still seems a world away for me, which I guess is a good thing cause I still have much to do. .

This past week has been on the slower side again, But I'm determined to see that this week we have a drastic rise in our numbers. Elder Conger was suffering from a cold most the week and a few days of rain had interrupted some of our work but I wont let that stop us this time!

Oh and I feel like I've come through a rite of Passage among the Elders in the WVCM. I got mauled by a dog!! We were tracting and everyone out here has these "Invisible fences" which include a wired perimeter and a shock collar that lets the dog know when its crossed the line. So we were working in one of the nicer neighborhoods on a high hill over looking the valley. Seemed nice enough. Till we walked up to a house with a mid sized dog sitting in front of it. Upon our approach the dog became excited and waited for us to cross the shock line. Then its demeanor changed some what and it became a little less friendly looking. It barked and charged us a few times. Eventually I convinced it to come up and smell my hand. I was even able to pet it for a moment. But once we started knocking on the door it changed moods again and decided to try to forcibly remove us from his turf. The woman who answered the door was on the phone and motioned that she was un-interested. I think the dog picked up on that cause it started to attack my pant legs. Upon seeing this she half heartedly tried to assist me in moving to the edge of the lawn where the shock collar took effect. Luckily the dog didn't really seem intent on causing physical harm, and only took target at my suit pants, which now have a nice pair of holes torn in both legs near the ankles. Luckily for that dog, Its owner was there otherwise it may have had some marks to boast. In any case thats just part of a day in the life of a missionary haha. Hopefully next week I'll be able to procure a success story from tracting.

I can't really think of anything else to exciting this week. Its Empty nesters again tonight so that should be fun. I'm looking forward to a new week of opportunity and finding people to share the gospel with. I know there's nothing else that can help people live more fulfilling and happy lives. As for their dogs...well I might have some other suggestions...

I'll leave you all with one of my new favorite sayings from the south I saw on a sign:


Elder Sunada

PS. So how's the temple building going back home? I can't remember exactly when its going to be done. Send some pictures and let those returning elders know I love them!

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