Wednesday, March 23, 2011

They Walked and walked and walked AND Walked.‏

I feel much better about our work this week. I think that though there is only a slight increase in our numbers, we accomplished much more and are set up better for the week to come! Numbers don't really matter anyways, but they have to have some way to track the work we're doing so we report on how many lessons we taught, investigators who came to church, new investigators etc. But I think if we keep on the same track and continue to increase our efforts the numbers will follow!

Last Monday for Pday we went bowling...again. I am going to be a pro bowler when I get home. Haha well at least now I can bowl above 100... Its cheap and we often can't agree on what else to do. If I keep this up I'm going to have to invest in a bowling arm brace and my own ball. I saw a guy show up in a lane next to us with a suitcase and 6 matching custom balls...Help me if I ever get that hard core.

That night I went to my 3rd empty nesters event. I am really going to miss that when I move out of the area. They've got some sweet...more experienced? members there that are such great people and are so fun to be around. Not to mention I'm going to miss some of that cookin, as well as the Banjo pick'in, Guitar Strum'in and bluegrass sing'in music that they play.

We actually spent most of the week on foot. Remember that small crack in the front bumper of the car that happened on Christmas? Well this week we finally paid for it. We dropped the car off on Tuesday morning and didn't get it back till mid-day Friday. It wasn't all bad. We did have a few appointments that we had to walk quite a ways to get to, but all that walking was good for me. I feel like I have more energy when I'm on my feet all the time and not just driving around.

It was also because we had to walk that we found a new investigator! We've been doing alot of praying in our district for new investigators. Its been a few weeks since we've had anyone nwe who's let us teach them. But we had to walk to a dinner appointment and arrived in the neighborhood an hour earlier than we needed, so we decided to tract it out. On the Last door before we arrived at the members home we had someone let us in! In our area I've never had anyone let us in so willingly and I was half shocked when he said yes. It just doesn't happen that often! But as we found out that he's known many good Mormons for years and he's done a bit of research and is pretty open to talking about it. He's the nicest old man ever. He spends most of his time going around and helping out all the widows do yard work and making sure the sick are taken care of. I can tell that he's been being prepared for years and we were led to find him this week. So I'm super excited to be teaching him! Its good that the Lord gives us such blessings, especially because after the dog I met tracting last week I needed a good Tracting experience to keep me motivated. And thats just what I got!

Friday we did exchanges with the Zone leaders and this time I was moved to their area for the day. They cover the downtown section of Roanoke, which also includes most of the ghetto. So I was immersed into an entirely different culture of people just a few miles from where I had been working. The cave springs area is the richer part of town and there are very few black people living there, but it was just the opposite working in the projects. There are certain trade offs between the areas. In Cave springs we almost never find people who will listen, while downtown you can find 4 or 5 new investigators in a day, but quite often they are not reliable and its super hard to set up appointments with them. But I really liked working there because I was able to give away 4 Books of Mormon, almost more in one day than in my whole mission yet combined! And I got to meet some crazy sweet people. Not to mention Elder Leah, my companion for the day, worked me like a dog, which felt good. They have so many appointments that they don't often have large gaps of time between them so its go-go-go.

I'm getting super excited for General Conference coming up during the first week of April. I love it because not only do I get to hear the Prophet's voice and be spiritually recharged, but its a great opportunity to invite others to do the same. Most people have access to the internet and can watch it online in their homes fairly easily. It makes for a very easy door approach and invitation. Also I'm very eager to hear what the Prophet has to say about the events going on in the world these days and how we can be prepared. Though I'm often troubled by what I hear from people about the news of the world, I'm comforted that I can learn from the Prophet how to be safe and prepare adequately.

Anyways, I've got to run again! Hope everyone is doing well! I sent out a bunch of letters these past two weeks so hopefully some of you will be getting them!

Elder Sunada

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