Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So much News! So little Time‏

Hey Everyone!

So There is a lot to cover this week. And SO LITTLE TIME TO GET IT OUT! So this might be brief.

Ok Lets start with The funniest part of my week. We had some Elder Stay with us again while they were waiting for training the next day. They are awesome Elders and hard working. Even helped us get some goals and finding done! But one of them has a slight problem when it comes to sleeping. That is that He's a sleep walker. And Let me just say this, There is sleep walking, and there is SLEEP Walking. The difference is that in the latter of the two the sleep walker lives out his dreams in real life as completely different characters according to his dreams. Luckily we were warned that this could happen by him prior to sleeping. But no Warning could have prepared us for what we saw that night. I was awake from 4:30am on wards and from that point until just after 6 Both Elder Conger and I, As well as the Elders Companion experienced a series of 9 completely different dreams. And the Elder who's dreams we were living had absolutly no control, nor did he remember anything upon waking. A Brief summary of the dreams. A small Child hiding from Tiger wolves. A man planning to infiltrate an indian camp by practicing Indian Dances. a creature who spoke only in clicks. A mother of 3 children. an auctioneer, a blind child and so forth. Each dream seperated by a space of unconsciousness. Incredible. Would not believe it unless I lived it. 

Great thing Number two this week. An Update on Jason and Kim! So a few weeks ago Jason and Kim Moved into the Salem Boundrys to a home much safer and more secure for their coming child to grow up in. We've been over to visit with them a few times with the Salem Elders and have had wonderful lessons. They are so Humble and such honest people. They want to do the right thing so bad. Jason Even sold a vehicle that he loved because he wanted to be able to make sure his son would have everything. Such a solid couple. They went to Church for the first time on a  Sunday and Loved it! Jason told me he wanted to be as involved in the church as he can. They have a baptismal date set for the end of the month which I'm sure they'll make so long as Kims baby doesn't come early! He keeps on saying how grateful he is for having us stop by and teach him and how much we've been a blessing. But the Truth is that seeing him and Kim make these steps and the blessings that have been given to them are such a great testimony to me of how much the Gospel Can changes peoples lives for the better. There is so much love and joy that comes from living it and that I can even be the smallest part in leading them to this lets me know how important it is for me to be out here. I love it.

And Finally for the third most Wonderful thing to happen. STEVEN'S GETTING HITCHED!!!! I'm So stoked for him! (My Bro) Even though I kinda had the inside scoop that there was a pretty good chance it was going to take place I was still fillled with such joy to read his email this morning. I can't wait to welcome Kim and her Boys into the family!

I truly have been blessed with such a great family. A mother who's given me the gift of her faith. A Father who's taught me to work hard and supported me in everything. Sisters who are such great mothers to their kids and a Brother who's going to be a Fantastic Husband and father!!! There is such Joy in the family. I can't even begin to discribe how much I love all of you and I love that our Family is growing in both Numbers and Love for each other.

With that I am out of time and will talk to you all next week.

Elder Sunada

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