Monday, May 23, 2011

More mail please!

Good To hear from you all! I opened my email this morning and it was pretty bleak looking. Its always good to hear whats going on with everyone, even it nothings really going on.

(Replying to the trip going on at Dana's house)
Party in Idaho much?! I might have to do some of that when I get back, but first I need to spend some time on Canadian soil wallowing in the Alberta Loam. Its nice down here but Its just not home.

Gretna is quite different from Cave Spring. Its small. Like really small. And we tract out a lot of hallars. Which means walking along a lot of long driveways and no where roads. I've taken a few vids to demonstrate that I'll send home with my package. I still have it and am just looking for a few thigns to fill it up so I'll send in home in the next week or two.

Elder Fisher and I are Rockin it down here so far. I got Whit's Email! I'll send her one back sometime soon too.

Ya'll Take care over there!
Love Elder Sunada

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