Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm going to...

So Its Official.

I got the Call last night and I will be leaving the Beautiful Roanoke Valley Tomorrow morning. I've been here now 6 months. Its been a wild time but I've loved it all. I've grown really close to the ward members and I am defiantly making plans to return to the Valley someday, whether on my mission or after.

I Guess I should let everyone know where I'm going though now....DrumRoll!!.....GRETNA!.... Yeah I don't know much about it either. Its still in Virginia. A little ways south and east of here. I hear its a small town with only a branch. I'll be Companions with Elder Fisher, who was my first Zone leader so I'm pretty stoked for that! Actually I'm going to Kill him...hehehe. In missionary terminology this means that I'm going to be his last companion before he goes home or "Dies". Mission life is just that. A life within a life. Part of, though totally separate from everything you've done before. Time is short here for our work to do. But It is a great time, as well as a difficult one.

These last few days I've been trying to get around and see many of the people who I've come to love and will miss. There just is not enough time to see them all and it will be sad to leave some without the chance to say goodbye. I think I've made some long term friendships in the area that I hope to maintain throughout the years. I know some of them have Facebook creeped me already so it shouldn't be that hard haha.

And I was worried that since I've acquired a few new things since coming out that I'd need to get an extra travel bag to carry them around in. Thankfully I was able to fit my rice cooker, the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, a bag of Rice and a few extra tee shirts. SO PLEASED. Years of tetris Late at night have paid off! But anyways I'll be able to give a more full report of everything next week when I get there.

My time is expired. Love you all!

Elder Sunada

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