Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day!

This Past week as has been pretty awesome.

Especially the weekend. Saturday I actually got to use a shovel and a rake!!! I moved dirt and got sweaty! I know it seems kinda crazy but I miss doing hard manual labour. We went up to the ward Mission leaders home, Brother Bohon, and he was able to put us to work. I also drove his lawnmower, which was awesome because it was super nice. Diesel, 4 wheel drive, Power steering. So that was fun. We had a lesson with Emery to Follow. I love that mans stories and his Mannerisms. Its too funny. But we are also slowing getting him to where he needs to be.

We were able to attend a baptism in Salem Ward. Those Elders have been getting all the luck! Haha I guess Heavenly Father decided they needed the blessings because its so hard to find anyone in there area. most of it has been pretty well tracted out.

While we were finishing up at the Baptism I noticed that something was being set up in the Gym. They were having a huge black and white ball for the Youth. I was again reminded that, while I'm not yet "Old" I'm definitely getting older. No longer a youth anyways. Crazy.

Sunday was such a great day! Last Week Bro. Shorter had come up to me and asked if I would give a talk the following Sunday. Though the initial hesitation was there, It soon subsided as I realized that it would be a mothers day talk, and I'd have no problem drawing on experiences to talk about :) I've been blessed with a Great mother and a Great Family.

After Church on Sunday we went to Bro Shorter's house again where I was able to call home. It was so good to hear their voices again! Bro. Shorter also fed us Pizza and old school Grape Soda.

It was The best weekend!

Elder Sunada

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