Monday, May 2, 2011

Time's too short!

So this is going to have to be a quick one! But I've had a pretty good week.

There was a pretty exciting event this past week that we were able to attend. The BYU Young ambassadors came to town and we were allowed to go and be a "presence" for the Church. They ran a really good sing and dance show. a Very impressive group. I'm always amazed at how people can sing and dance like that at the same time and pull it off so well! It was also really cool because the theme of it was all about growing up through life and building stronger families. Super neat with lots of investigators who came out!

Then I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Leah again. This time he came to our area and I introduced him to a few of the people we were teaching. He was amazed at how much our investigators like to talk. Its kinda funny, Somehow I tract out all the ones who are story tellers. But I really Like working with Elder Leah. For one, he's originally from England, so we're both Foreigners. But more importantly he's a really good stalwart missionary who works his butt off. He's a really good example to me of being fearless and talking to everyone and keeping busy all the time.

I love Sundays in the mission. Sacrament meeting was awesome. We saw 3 babies blessed this week including little Ashley, who was born 4 months premature and weighed in at just over a pound. It was truly a miracle of the Priesthood that she survived, and not only that but now almost 6 months old, still seems to be a perfectly healthy and normal child! The testimony meeting that followed was powerful as this little girl had been prayed over by the ward for some time. They also had many non members and less actives who haven't been to church in years to come and the spirit was strong as the Grandmother and those closely associated with the child bore powerful testimony.

That Evening we went to Pete Christlelys 93rd Birthday. We saw much of the clan we saw last week for Easter, Plus another large group of cousins and family that I couldn't even keep track of. It was great to visit and also to get more great food.

Last piece of good news, I haven't gained more than 10 pounds the whole time! After that initial spurt I guess my body was content to stay like that. So Its been Great.

Catch y'all next Week.

Elder Sunada

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