Monday, July 25, 2011

Paint it Red.‏

Icarumba! Es Muy Caliente!!

Or in other words, ITS BEEN WAY TOO HOT!

Haha so this past week there was a bit of a heat wave with temperatures getting up to the 100F(38C) or up to 110F (over 40C) on the Heat index taking into account for humidity.

So what did we have planned for these days? Service in the Sun!! Friday morning we went over to the American legion to help distribute food to fixed and low income families. We started at 8:30 in the morning when it was already almost 90F. We helped unload boxes of food for a good few hours, but after that we had a great lesson with a very promising investigator and some members in the Church! It was great as we were able to give her a tour of the building and have a great lesson! THEN she showed up to church on Sunday! :D Its been a little while since Gretna's had a solid investigator so I'm really Excited for her!

After our lesson we helped deliver some food and then went for our weekly Bingo at the Nursing home. Some of those Seniors are really growing on me! We go there about twice a week to visit members who are staying there as well and I always have to stop and say hi to someone in a wheelchair rolling down the halls. Its pretty sweet.

After that we had some more service! Out in the sun... haha it was really really hot but I actually enjoyed it. We were helping a Part member Family paint a deck. Practice staining the fence back home helped out so I guess I owe you a thanks Mom and Dad ;). The next day, we decided we hadn't had enough and again went out into the heat to paint. This time I got to get up on a ladder and paint! I miss being at heights. Whatever my job is when I get back home I hope it involves me way up in the air looking down on everything. They are a pretty sweet family though. I also scored a sweet Jacket out of the deal! I was going to Trade Freddy a CFD patch for one of his old ones when he brought me out one of his old Jackets with a few patches on it. Freddy's the man! So most of our numbers were a little lower this week with all our service but that didn't bother me so much because we had some really great lessons on the side and our next week is almost fully booked already which means, Less Tracting in the Heat!! :D

We stayed in Gretna last night because were staying in Lynchburg tomorrow night. In the morning we have our first President interview!! Followed by a district meeting and some more service for a family in their area. I'm really excited to spend some 1 on 1 time with President Pitt. I was talking to Elder Jensen last night about how much we love and Miss President Thornock but also about how cool its going to be to get to know the new President and see what he's bringing to the table. Its been going great and I can't wait to see what the next week will bring!

Miss you all and I hope all is going well on the home front! Let me know whats going on ;)

Elder Sunada

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