Monday, July 18, 2011

Leaping Lizards!!‏

So this was a fairly typical week of tracting, going to appointments, getting stood up, more tracting ect. Haha its been alright though because we did get some awesome lessons in with Members and some less actives.
Some of the people here are too funny. Elder Bolan and I were waiting in our car in a parking lot waiting for someone to meet us (sounds sketchy right?) If your driving around with a big cigar and a NASCAR hat, you might be a redneck. If your dangling a young child by the arm wearing only a diaper into a sit down restaurant, you might be a redneck. If your using foodstamps to buy a case of redbull, well you get the idea. Its pretty ridiculous sometimes what you see just sitting still in this town. But at least it keeps things interesting. Oh speaking of sitting around! Every Evening once the sun starts going down and if your driving into town up mainstreet, I always look to the first house on the right, because there's almost always this old bearded man who looks like Uncle Jesse off of the Dukes of Hazard who sits on his porch and waves to everyone going by. He's like the Walmart Greeter of Gretna! It defiantly makes the town feel more welcoming haha.
So we were checking up on some old investigators to see if they would be interested in taking the lessons again. Going up to a house I found a Watchtower magazine laying on the ground. Seeing as it litter and an eyesore to that persons lawn i took the liberty of picking it up so that it could be properly disposed of ;) I put it in my pocket folded up and went about our business. When We got back to the car I took it out and unfolded it to read the cover when all of a sudden a little black creature screeched out of it!! it caught me quite off gaurd and I through the paper into the back seat of the car. Turns out he was a little salamander of sorts. He disappeared into the back of the car where we couldn't get him but later he appeared and we caught him again and set him free. I thought maybe dad might like that story.
Oh Last Monday we were in Lynchburg for P-day and we decided to go to Macado's to eat. The Monday night special is 29cent wings and 1/2 price Hindinburg subs. We kinda ate our selves silly but we also had lunch for the next few days :).
This week the Lynchburg Elder Decided to come to Gretna for a change. I'm not sure what were going to do today to keep busy. Maybe go to the parking lot and watch people walk by. Anyways, I'm still loving it out here and can't wait to get another Baptism!! I feel one may be coming up soon. I'll Keep ya Posted.
Love Ya!
Elder Sunada
Oh PS! If anyone goes to the Temple grounds and gets some pictures, send them along!! I'm kinda sad that I'm missing the Temple being built in my own city so I gotta keep updated on it.

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