Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Canada Day!! (and 4th of July)‏

Hey Everyone!!

This past week has been pretty fun. Didn't get up to much last Monday. Mostly just some lazing around. I've been a little more burnt out these past few weeks of training. Its about the same workload but I seem to be working harder and getting way more tired. Tuesday we had a pretty good District meeting in the Morning and I got to go on exchanges with Elder Squires. We Both Love food. And Better than that, he loves to cook :D Great Combination. I cooked up a pot of Rice, and he fixed some veggies and chicken cordon bleu. It was Rockin. The next morning he used the left over rice to make Congee, A mix of rice, cinnamon and honey. Excellent. Then we found a great follow up contact!! So we had a pretty good time. I got Elder Bolan back that afternoon and we went back to hitting the streets tracting.

Friday was a busy service day which was awesome because I got to do some more manual labour! We helped out the Smoots clear off a small private grave site that had been overgrown for years. It looked a world better when it was done! Then we got to go play more bingo at the Nursing home. Its pretty funny and kinda sad how excited they get about Bingo for Quarters. If I ever get that excited about bingo someone please pull the plug.

I love Sundays in the mission! Especially fast and testimony meetings. It was great to be able to see the faith of the members and to see that even though the branch is old, its still strong! So Today was my First 4th of July in America...and really I don't think I even noticed. Probably because we went out fishing this morning in a members pond. We went with Bro. Covington, Campbell, and Bruce (half naked guy in the picture who's Bro Campbells Bro-in-law) I caught my first Bass!! The first one was maybe only a pound and 9in. long. But the next fish I landed was nearly 5 pounds! It was a nice pound Bass. I gave it to Bruce who caught one about the same size to cook up. I thought I had a pretty looking fish till I saw Dad's 94 Lb. Halibut. I'm glad he got a good catch this year! To bad that Won't be around when I get back. Just Means you can't retire from Fishing yet Dad!

Anyways I best be getting on now. And hopefully I'll be able to get a few letters back to Canada Now. Its been a few weeks since I've had anything from north of the Boarder but they should get it all caught up soon. They didn't Deliver the mail today due to the holiday. But Its all good. The Lord been keeping me busy and thats all I need :)

Love you all Bunches!

Elder Sunada

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