Sunday, July 17, 2011

Holt Reunion 2011

Dang it sounds like Everyone had a lot of fun at the reunion! But I'm alright with that. I hope that the next one we can get as good of a turn out. I can't even remember the last time I saw Zach! My memory wants to say when we were down and he got home from his mission, but I'm sure there was another time before that! I Would love to go to Denver for the next one!! On the Condition that I either go down a week early or stay a week later and go mountain climbing! Kinda a forward thought But I'm really missing the Rocky's. I'm afraid that when I get home I won't be in good enough shape to do what I was doing before. Granted we do walk a few miles a day but here its mostly flat or low rolling hills at best. 
Also Glad to hear you finally got some good weather. There hasn't been even a remotely cold day the whole time I've been in Gretna. I'm getting a little more used to it though. Better at ignoring it anyways. It kinda makes me jealous when the kids around here always talk about going to the Beach (the ocean) or even the pool. But I was never a huge swimmer anyways. 
I'm stoked you'll be getting my package today! I was wondering when it would get there. I think some of the mail coming from Canada is still backlogged. I got a bunch of letters from a recent ward activity from the Youth and it was awesome! I'm working on responding to some of those that added their addresses but I'm so behind on letters its not even funny! To put your fears at rest, I got the Package. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! I loved the Random Canadian Goods, as did the other elders who Mobbed me until I imparted them with some small trinket. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Timmy's Mug. I've had a good cup of hot chocolate out of it almost every morning since I've got it. The Apron and pot holders was a good touch too. I've never had an apron before so I often strut around our house in it just because I Can. I've also been proving to everyone down here the insuperiority of their chocolate with All the chocolate that got sent up. Sadly a little bit of it got melted somewhere along the way. Not surprising considering that its always hot and we can never keep things cool in our car without the AC. But nothing was spoiled and it was all good! Probably one of the Best Birthday boxes ever! Oh and I've made great use of the Canada Roots Sachels. They're the right size to fit a bunch of Pass along cards, BoM's and a water bottle which is much nicer during hot days than my backpack. Easier to run away from dogs too with it. 
I'd tell you more but Were in Lynchburg again so the library is dumb and my time is just about up. I guess this will have to be my main letter for the week unless I get a chance to fill up my hour time slot back in Gretna.(it gave me about 40 Mins)
Well I love everyone and and missing them lots! The Work is going great and Elder Bolan is improving very well! I'm proud to have him as my boy. 
Enjoy the nice weather while you can!
Elder Sunada

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