Monday, October 3, 2011

Pictures/ Come Listen to a Prophets Voice!‏

Hey Everyone!

So its been a fun week of traveling around and gettin er done!  We tried to do some service for a man by helping him Harvest Tobacco... don't ask me because I Don't know. For better or worse we couldn't find him in the Fields so Bro Smoot just showed us how to pic it and Elder Wilder Snagged a few leaves haha. We also put in some more great time at the Nursing home. It can be a lot of fun with some of those people. Your never sure just whats going to come out sometimes!

I'm afraid todays will have to be somewhat short but I wanted to touch on some of the highlights of this weekend.

ITS FINALLY FEELING COLD...ish. Getting down the the low 50's and sometimes even 40's! Feels good :)

Also it was General Conference!! For anyone who hasn't seen it yet I recommend watching it Asap!  I absolutely loved it! There was so much great guidance that I got from it. I love listening to a prophets Voice! Especially because Pres. Monson was so funny. His opening Remarks were this " HELLO. Now who should I call on to substitute for me this morning?" haha but more than that I felt strongly what he said was true. that the change in what the World thinks is morally right is growing rapidly. I see far too many families without Fathers or Mothers. Kids growing up in homes that are broken and destitute. So many don't know how much God loves them and how the Gospel can bless their lives. To have the words of a living Prophet to lead and guide us is such a great blessing! I can't wait to study the conference Ensign in the coming months. I also Loved Sis. Daltons talk on how Fathers should raise their daughters. I know, I've got a few years to go but I felt it was wise council I'll log away till then.

Well I really do have to be running. Love you all!

Thanks to those who've written letters. Each one Brightens my day!

Elder Sunada

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