Monday, October 24, 2011

There is a season, Turn Turn Turn‏

Hey Yall!
Good News! I'm Pretty much over my Cold. Bad news. Elder Wilder has been working through his this past week. Which meant another slower week as he needed more rest and we tried to avoid farther spread of the germs. But we did have some good highlights. We were able to do some good yard work this week. Elder Wilder got his education on a ride on lawn mower. I cut the first half of the lot then instructed him on how to do the rest. As I set him out across the field I realized I didn't tell him what to do when he got to the Ditch. Sure enough he tried to go straight down it. Luckily it wasn't to steep and he was able to get it out without damage. I had a pretty good laugh and he did a good Job on the rest. 
The trees are really starting to turn pretty down here. Anther week or tow and they'll be perfect colours. I'm also trying to make a point of Keeping my "U"s in my words so that I can Retain my Canadian Stature. We're hanging out in Lynchburg today with Elder Parker and Taylor. Its nice to have another Canadian around. At least the odds are even and we can hold our own if we get picked on. 
I'm so glad we have a good branch. The members are very good to us. Maybe too much at times. I haven't had to spend much money on food because Our fridge is always full with Leftovers. They also do a great job of helping us out when we need it. Hopefully I can help them out and grow the Branch a little more before I leave. Transfers is coming up pretty soon. Almost 1 full year in Virginia! Wowzas! 
They keep us pretty busy at church too. Yesterday Sis. Tuck had me do a musical number on the Piano again. a Marvin Goldstien arr. of "Lord, I would Follow Thee". Considering the lack of practise i had it went alright. Only 2 small hiccups. Then I taught the lesson in Sunday school. E.Wilder taught Priesthood. But it feels good when they keep us busy. Next week, We both Give 20 min talks! yay. Oh and a Trunk or treat on Friday! I'm dressing up as Elder Wilder wearing his Badge and a fat Poly tie. He'll wear one of my Skinnies. But yeah it should be a better week with both of us feeling better now. 
Love Yall!
Elder Sunada

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