Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy CAN T-Giving!

Hey Everybody!
This week has been pretty crazy. Yet again more Travel and much Service work. Sadly this also meant less teaching. But here's what went down. Monday we went over and Helped out Bro. Covington do some work on his house. Typically you don't do service work on a Pday but the Covingtons are chill enough that even when working Spending time with them is awesome. I call Sis. Covington Mama Covington because she takes such good care of us (feeding, mending clothes, scolding, etc) OH NO! The computer says I have 4 mins! Lame. I'll have to keep this one brief and try to finish tomorrow as I'll have work to do on the computer anyways. 
Thursday we went helped out at a funeral for an Elderly Woman in our Branch. We sang a short number and then helped with serving the Family lunch afterwords. It took the better part of our day to get it all done but we got to talk to a lot of less actives which was great and there were also Funeral Potatoes. You can't be too sad when your eating Funeral Potatoes. 
Well I'll have to finish this story tomorrow Ya'll. Love you much and Catch ya later!
Elder Sunada

Alright, So I have a few minutes to continue on where I left off.

The Weekend was a particularly busy one for us. We stayed in Lynchburg Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Saturday morning we traveled to Buena Vista for President Interviews/ district meeting, and Sunday morning we got a ride from Lynchburg to Lexington with President Fowler for the Stake Conference. It was super awesome as the Majority of the talks were those of either recent converts and reactivated less actives. There were many strong testimonies born and stories of the Miracles that took place for those people to be where they are today. Then the stake President got up and spoke on Honest and Nailed in home. It was pretty intense but I think it was a great reminder for everyone just how important it is to be exactly honest in all of our dealings. President Fowler took us back to his home afterwards where his wife had made us a grand Sunday feast! These southern Biscuits may just be the end of me one of these days...

Monday we stayed up for our P-Day and spent it hanging out with Elder Stucki Who's going home this week. He was part of the other mission before it was joined with ours so his time is up and he's finally going to "the Land of Eternal P-Days". Actually he's pretty bummed that its all over so we tried to console him that at least now he can go hug a girl.

Last night The Smoots fed us again. We pretty much have a standing appointment to eat there on Monday nights. They are so much fun to be around! Sis. Smoot Always makes great home cooked meals. She even remembered to wish me Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! That was really nice and made me feel better about being here in the "Land of the Free and home of the Brave" thing. I was also able to talk to my other Canadian Cohorts in the mission and we offered each other a greeting and some comfort. But it was all good.

I got a letter from home last week with all the family in it! Thanks Guys I love you! Mail has a surprising effect on missionary Moral.

Well I guess that's all I got for now. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Elder Sunada 

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