Monday, December 19, 2011

Still kickin folks!!‏

Hey everyone

So I'm sure many of you have heard that I've been having a very interesting weekend. Friday night I started feeling stomach pressure and thought I was just suffering from bad gas. Later that night however I couldn't seem to lie down without feeling extreme discomfort. After upchucking twice I asked my companion to give me a blessing of healing, after which I threw up once more and fell fast asleep.

Saturday morning we consulted with the mission nurse who said there was a flu bug going around and it would be best to rest in bed all day. Though the feelings of nausea had faded I was still left with bad stomach cramps whenever I moved and a fever with chills. Sunday morning I noticed that the pains had become localized in my right side. After giving the nurse another call we were told we should go get it checked out at a clinic. The parkersburg south elders left church to come pick us up and after a few quick checks the clinic said that I'd better get over to the ER. After registering it took a few hours to get into a room. All the signs suggested an appendicitis. A CT scan an hour or so later confirmed. I was scheduled for surgery shortly there after. The last thing I remembered was being in the anesthesia room at 10:10.

The operation lasted less then an hour. Pres Pitt and Sis Pitt came up to see me last night as well which brought great comfort. The ward has been great in doing little things for me even though I know them very little. Members from Gretna also gave me a call which was awesome. The surgery itself went well. Even though my appendix had ruptured I got lucky as the were able to remove it through 3 small holes instead of through a large incision. Saving me a gastely scar and some recovery time.

Today I've been doing my best to recover and eat and drink. Currently I'm using a members phone to send this out so I'll have to fill in more details later. I'm so grateful for all the prayers and blessings. I know I've come out better because of them.

I love you all. I'd love your letters too! Merry Christmas!
Elder Sunada

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