Friday, December 30, 2011

Back to the Streets

Wassup yall!
For an update from last week, I am doing much much better! I was discharged from the Hospital on Tuesday evening and stayed the next two nights at the Overbys, who took great care of me and nursed me back to health. We stayed at Souths apartment the rest of the week through Christmas, which made it easier to share the car seeing as I wasn't able to do much work on my feet. But my recovery was rapid! I'm currently back on my feet, off all painkillers as of last Friday. Since then I've been getting around very well. Rarely do I ever feel the surgical pain. I'm almost at full mobility again (I still have a hard time stretching all the way backwards like I used to but all good aside from that). So This week I'm planning on getting back into the full swing of things again as though It never happened.
Christmas has been really fun this year too. Spending it with the other Elders made it so much more enjoyable as we all were able to keep the excitement up. They are good Missionaries who are hard working and fun to be around. I'm in a great District! I really hope Elder Heiner and I will be able to find some to add to our teaching pool so we can get the ball rolling. I've had a much harder time Street contacting here than in any other area. Most people will tell you straight up that they're not interested and just walk off. I guess that's just city folk though. But There are good people here I know it!
OH! And there's also something else way exciting here. I ask the locals what there is to see and do around town. The Answer is typically, Not much. haha but what they don't realize is how cool it is that they have Not one, but TWO TIM HORTONS!! That's right. Timbits in Parkersburg West Virginia. I nearly Cried for joy when I saw that beautiful Canadian Icon. We even have gift cards to go there!! I'm super stoked! But I think that's All I got for the moment.
Thanks again for all the Prayers that went out on my Behalf. My biggest fear was that I'd be stuck in recovery mode for weeks of my mission. But I'm now ready to continue the work I was sent here to do. I know it was by the Power of God that things went so smoothly and that I am as healthy as I am.
I love you all so much and I hope that each of you were able to feel the Spirit of Christ this Christmas Season.
Elder Sunada

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