Monday, January 9, 2012

Preparing with President‏

Thing have been picking up here in Parkersburg North. We've been able to hit the Streets some more, Set up more appointments, and work with the Ward a little better. Tracting in Parkersburg has been a little different. I don't have to walk 10 mins between houses. People have a peculiar way of greeting you on the streets. Some even take the time to shout various Greetings as they drive by in the car. We ride the bus occasionally when we don't have the car, and you get to see the "regulars" or people who buy a Bus pass and ride around on the buses and public libraries for a profession. So far my favourite is a man We've nicknamed "Humbug" Because he's always talking to the drivers and Calls them Humbug. "Been a long Day humbug?", "Rainy weather aint it Humbug?", "You looking forwardward to getting off today Humbug?". It keeps the rest of the the passengers amused, or just annoyed. In any case, I'm hoping to be able to report a few more people we'll be teaching next week. Currently we have a Woman named Goldie. Our main man Craig Dropped us last week because he had too much going on in his life. But I have a feeling he'll be talking to Missionaries again in the Future so no big worries. 
Saturday was President interveiws! Its always a good chance to talk to president one on one. I do like being closer to Mission HQ so I have just a slightly higher interaction with him now. Pres. Pitt always has the right way to encourage me to press myself to do better and help others. After talking with him, I'm determined to get a few baptisms while in Parkersburg. And within the next Transfer. I know the man is lead by inspiration and the Holy Ghost because of the way he knows just what to ask and the way I always feel love in his Voice. I would love to be able to be that in Tune with the Spirit. I guess I've got a few years to catch up to him though haha. 
In the coming month we're also supposed to have another General Authority visit the mission and direct his time Towards missionaries!! Elder Pieper of the 70 will be spending the better part of the day instructing the WVCM in both Group and individual settings. We've been super blessed to have to much interaction with the GA's of the Church. Maybe even a little bit spoiled. In any case, I'm trying to do my best to finish reading the scriptures we've been assigned. 
Also I had Sis. Poole of the ward inform me that a Relative of mine had given a letter to her Husband! Apparently I live in a small world. I haven't gotten it yet but I'm very excited to. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways I don't even know how to count them. I'm so Grateful for being able and well enought to serve and only hope to do better. 
Elder Sunada

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