Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Timmy Time

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the Delay! Government workers take every Holiday they can so the Library was closed yesterday. 
IT FINALLY SNOWED! I mean not a lot of snow, But there is a little snow on the ground and its a tad Chilly outside. In fact the night it got cold our Thermostat inside our apartment also decided to have its battery die. It was a pretty chilly morning inside. But thankfully Elder Heiner had some extra batteries and saved the day. 
I Don't know if they did this back home, But the Stake decided that since New Years fell on a Fast Sunday they didn't want to crash any one's party so they moved Fast Sunday to next week. Because of this last moment change they needed some speakers. Turns out the Sunday I went in for Surgery I was also assigned to speak, So this was the perfect opportunity for me to complete my assignment. Bishop Bohning Even made the comment to me that "not even an appendectomy will get you out of speaking. Don't try breaking your leg either..." He's a funny guy.
Other than that its been back to work as usual. Some street Contacting, Checking on follow ups, People forgetting or dropping appointments. Missionary life. We did do some shopping at the mall. The first really decent mall I've seen on the mission. Nothing all that exciting but a somewhat big deal. I typically try to avoid the mall unless I need something there. To many people doing normal things. I don't know its just weird as a missionary. I bought a pretty sweet hat though. When I figure out how to upload pictures on to this Libraries computers I'll show it. 
OH! And Guess where we went for Lunch?! That's Right. Tim Hortons. And Yes, It was Glorious. I think some people in there were a little concerned with my Enthusiasm. But hey, if you Can't go to home to Canada, The next best thing is bringing a little bit of Canada to you. They just don't get it.  
Well I think that's all for this week folks! Hope Y'all had a great New year with plenty of great food and fun to Boot!
Elder Sunada

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