Monday, January 16, 2012

Signs of Faith

We have had an Awesome week!! We worked hard, we got Results. It was a lot of fun too! 
We've been working to rebuild the area, after nearly a year of little success or prospects. Most of our work has been finding. Knocking on doors, Asking for referrals, street contacting. Things that take a lot of time and often offer few results. But we've been blessed for our diligence. 
We chose a few main drags down which we would knock out, as well as look up less active members and former investigators. Pres. Pitt as well as the Zone leaders challenged us to try what they called 2x2x2. Which was that whenever we have an appointment fall through, instead of just moving on to the next appointment knock 2 doors on the right, left, and across the street. Its worked with astounding success. First we found a couple who invited us in right away and was entirely open to our message of how Familes can live forever. We had more success when trying a less active who was not home, but finding 2 potentials to try next week, one of which i feel very good about. And a few weeks ago we tried a referral given to us by a drunk guy on the Bus to visit him. It was a bogus address, but it led us to Carlos. We stopped in and followed up Saturday morning and came at just the right time. He was Lonely and wanted to serve God better. He agreed right away to come to church and DID the very next day. 
Pretty exciting stuff. 
I'll have to fill in more as my computer is beeping 40secs left on my session. Its been so great to finally see some good things coming here. Love you all. Love the Lord. 
Elder Sunada

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