Monday, March 12, 2012

Snow, please?

Hey Folks!
This week was a little less exciting than most. But that's ok too because sometimes its nice to have a little break from too much Drama. We did do a lot of biking this week. I think I wore Elder Penn out a little bit even haha. But He's alright because this week we have the car. And its supposed to be up to 75F (24C) later this week! What madness. It better Dump snow next year when i get home to make up for this Nonsense! But I know I shouldn't complain. Its actually great weather for missionary work. People will talk to you on doorsteps longer if its not so cold. We have gotten some good rain storms pass through. The other week I got soaked to the bone!
This upcoming Sunday we have a missionary fireside planned where we are going to watch the movie "17 Miracles" Its pretty good, for those of you who haven't seen it. It covers some of the sorest trials of the early pioneer hand cart companies as the left persecution for safety in the West. Knowing that I had ancestors who participated in those early days makes it even cooler for me. We're just hoping for a decent turn out as the Movie is about an hour and 40 mins long!
If everything goes to plan we'll also have our first baptism since I've been in Parkersburg the following Saturday! I feel 95% sure that our investigator will make it so I'm getting pretty stoked. Its been dry in this area for a while. South side also had 2 people just drop into their hands who want to be baptised in the coming month. Its way awesome when people actually go out of their way to find us to baptise them! If only it could always be that easy. But then again as it goes with that famous quote, "That which we obtain to easily, we esteem too lightly".
Whatever the Lord has in store for us here in the coming months I'm ok with. I know in whom I can Trust :)
Elder Sunada

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