Monday, March 19, 2012

Upcoming Baptism!

Hey Everyone!
So We're excited for this upcoming Saturday!! The Baptism is just about all ready to go pending one final interview. And we're so excited for Marilyn! She's excited too, except for the actual part of getting her head below water. That Kinda freaks her out. But With a few prayers I'm confident that we'll get through it and it will be a more than positive experience. The ward has been really great with helping her out too and showing great support. It makes such a difference when ward members treat everyone who comes in the doors with welcome and love. Of course this is the way it should always be, though sometimes people are prone to judge. Its easy to do and we've all been guilty of it. But I've really tried to focus on how Heavenly Father see's them. He knows they need to be there and is trying to support them. Especially for those who look out of place its so important to make them feel welcome.
Yesterday we also had a missionary Fireside where we showed the film (with proper permission) 17 Miracles by T.C. Christianson about the Willie and Martin Handcart companies. It was a decent turn out. Marilyn and one other investigator were there. But it was also interesting to see who else was there to support the event. One thing I've noticed is there's certain people in every ward who are always there. The Church to them isn't something they go to or what they do. Its who they are. Its everything to them and they give everything to help it. They really know what the Gospel means and the debt that they owe to their God. I hope that I'll always be one who realizes the importance of this Gospel.
We also had a great Zone meeting last Thursday. President Pitt is such a great teacher and knows how to drive a point deep. We also did some role plays practicing different parts of teaching. The points we taught didn't stand out to me as much as the spirit I felt. I've made an effort to have the spirit be a bigger part of my lessons with my investigators. There's no greater feeling than the Love of God.
Gotta Run! Love Y'all!
Elder Sunada

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