Monday, March 26, 2012

Marilyn's Baptism

Hey Friends and Family,
We had a Baptism!!! Marilyn is now a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! It was a great day. Elder Heiner was permitted to come for the Baptism, but also was asked to perform the Baptism. It meant a lot to him as he has not seen many enter in the the Waters of Baptism. It was so cool to see him again too. President and Sister Pitt were also in attendance.Its great to know that I've made life long friends here. Even more so as many of them live in the West. Something tells me that I'll be down in the Western States often over the course of my life for one reason or another.
The Baptism itself went off fairly well, with the execption of the Font. Our ward Mission leader was concerned the Water would be cold, so he took the time to fill the font for 5 minutes a time, waiting then for 30 minutes for the hot Water tank to fill again, resulting in a sauna like atmosphere. I Kinda thought that it was a little hot (more like scolding). They had expected the water to cool some by the time of the Baptism. The expression on Marilyn's face as she stuck her foot into the water told me otherwise. So we had to run some cold water to try and cool it off. Which caused some over flow to occur and some general unreverence by those who were watching. But even with all that, we went through with the Baptism and all was well. Oh, Except for me playing the Piano. I played for the whole program, which included a musical number in the middle. I played the intro and then stopped, as I realized that those singing were giving me a confused look. Then I realised I was not playing the right song. Opps. But Again, it was Rectified and all went well.
The following day I had the priviledge of performing the ordinance of confirmation. I've loved being able to use the Priesthood to bless others. Oh man. 30 seconds! Well Sorry to cut this Short. love you all.
Miss Ya!! I'll make it better next week!
Elder Sunada

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