Monday, April 30, 2012

Stake Conference

Yesterday was the Charleston Stake Conference, so we got a ride down to Sissionsvile which is where the stake center is. Upon arriving we got to meet up with a few of the other missionaries from the Zone prior to the meeting. I met one of the New Elders named Elder Nelson from Mapleton UT and struck up a conversation. It was strange in a way to see someone so fresh out, on his 11th day in the field. Still full of "greenie fire" and still learning so much everyday. I saw a bit of me almost a year and a half ago. To see how much change has occurred since those early days amazes me sometimes. He was a good kid and I hope I'll be able to get to know him better in the coming months.

The talks during the conference itself were wonderful! There was one where a woman from a Small branch just south of Parkersburg talked about how she shared the Gospel through her everyday living. It was so clear by the way she talked and the ways she showed love to her friends how strong her testimony was. Also Pres and Sis Pitt spoke.

Sister Pitt focused on the Book of Mormon and what a powerful record it was. She said that having the Book in our home was not enough. Simply reading it would not be enough. Until we actually apply the teachings contained in that book its full impact will not be felt.

President spoke on many things which hit me in particular. He shared the story of a young man who's Family was from Japan. His Father had served a mission and when the family had moved to America they always wanted their oldest son to serve a mission to Japan. When his mission call came it was for Columbia. He continued to serve faithfully and in the last months of his mission a man of Japanese Decent approached him and asked him in Broken Spanish if he was a missionary for the Church. He replied in his Native Japanese that he was and arranged a time to visit the mans family and some friends. At their appointment there were 64 Japanese who he was able to teach. They had a old worn copy of the Book of Mormon they had carried with them for years and were waiting for someone to teach them more about it. All 64 were baptised by this Elder. Before he left they asked him to sign their original copy. In the Front of the book he found the most power testimony written that he'd ever read. It was Signed by his Father. President Pitts testimony of this experience was that God was more loving than we could even understand. We can't always see how his hand is at play in all things. Though I'd heard this story before it struck me in particular. It made me want to be sure to always do what I can that I can be an effective tool in our Father's hand to do those things, and find those people who he has sent me here to find, and to gain the experiences I will need to bless others.

Though its hard I try to commit myself every day to do better. I Love the mission, And my Family and the Lord for everything that I have.

Elder Sunada

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