Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dogwoods and daffodils‏


Its been another week of Missionary work. We had some good lessons this week. For some reason I Volunteered us to teach Seminary for the back creek ward, But instead of just doing a lesson on Missionary work, The teacher gave us her lesson plan as she wanted to stay on track. Which was fine, but required a little more effort on my part. Seeing as I was the one who got us into in, I prepared the lesson and gave it. It took nearly 2 hours to prepare for a 45 min lesson! I have a much greater respect now for all the of hard work my seminary teachers had put into their lessons. I tried to make sure I'd have enough material to make in exciting and involving for the whole class. Someone go find Scott Stonehocker and give him a pat on the back for me. Does anyone know how he's doing? Its funny being out here sometimes and being so involved in the little bubble of Roanoke that you forget whats going on in the world back home. Its nice to be reminded sometimes but it sure takes a different perspective these days.

STILL MORE SNOW IN CALGARY? Now I Knew that we'd get snow well into May some years and that it never did feel particularly warm outside in April but I can't believe I'm missing all of that! Instead of brushing off snow from my car I'm constantly frustrated by the fine dusting of pollen from the flowers. They have these Dogwood trees, the State tree apparently, and they are all in full bloom in whites, pinks and almost reds. Sorry if I'm making anyone jealous but I still feel like I got cheated out of winter this year.
We did get a pretty spectacular rainstorm come through Saturday. Apparently there's been a whole bunch of Tornadoes and severe weather going on in other places of the state and Mid west. We caught just a small whiff of it but it did its damage to some. We got in our car to go visit a family and it was spiting. 5 mins later when we arrived the rain was blowing in full gail sideways and we were soaked on one side in the 15 feet it took to get to the house. It was nutz! streets turned into mini rivers and the local High school flooded enough to where students were kayaking in the parking lot. The funny part to me was it was raining at full force, then 15 mins later it was a beautiful day with sun shining and birds singing. Kinda like Calgary, but without the hail.

Yesterday Bishop McGraw had us over for dinner. His daughter who had just returned from a mission and some of her YSA friends were there. It was pretty funny. We had a good meal and then we went looking for easter Egg Baskets that the Bishop had hidden around their property. Luckily I found my relatively quickly and didn't have to suffer as I did when Dad Would hid Easter baskets back home. But it was fun and comforting that we were still able to participate in some family traditions, and made things feel a little less foreign for a while.

I think thats about all that really happened. Still working with 4 investigators, most of whom are progressing, even if very slowly. Could always use more prayers from home for them!

Hope everything is going well and Can't wait for Mothers Day!

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